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What is otomo

otomo is a service that helps you find
the perfect tour and guide for your visit to Japan.

How to use otomo

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  • Choose a Plan

    Search for the perfect tour plan for you, either by typing words into the search bar or by selecting a listed category. Pick a tour plan from the selection we offer and check its details (locations you will visit, length of tour, price, etc). Once you have chosen the plan, you will move onto the process of selecting guides.

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  • Choose a Guide

    Specify your requested tour date, number of people visiting and language you require the tour to be in, and you will be presented with a list of guides that apply to your requests. Select up to 5 guides from the list, considering their profiles, reviews and guide fees per hour.
    You will hear back within 24 hours of your request about which guide will assist you on your tour day.

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  • Book a Tour

    Once you have selected a tour and a guide, you will move onto the booking process. Please read through the cancellation policy and other important information, and fill in your payment information. You will be contacted by email within 24 hours of your booking to confirm your reservation.

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  • Tour Day

    Your tour guide will meet you at the meeting place specified on the tour plan page. Once you have met, the day is all yours! Enjoy your very own private tour of Japan.
    After the tour we ask you to fill out a review about your experience with otomo.

About otomo

otomo is here to support your travel experience in Japan.

  • Our unique tours

    Each location incorporated in every tour has been carefully selected and visited by otomo staff. We have selected various locations from the famous tourist destinations right down to little known local areas, for visitors to experience the real Japan! You will not find this selection of locations in guidebooks.

  • Your very own guide

    You can choose your very own tour guide. Check the profiles and reviews of our otomo tour guides and select the people you would like to be shown around by. All otomo tour guides have been interviewed, identified and trained beforehand.

  • Flexibility and support

    If you would like to alter the route or make changes to the schedule on your tour day, you can talk to your otomo tour guide who will modify the tour plan to make sure it suits your needs.
    The otomo support desk is also always a phone call away if you come across any problems at any point.

Users' comments
Interviews and experiences of otomo's guided tours
A Family Trip
A special experience
for our children.
We enjoyed touring the local areas that we woud not have been able to visit in a group tour, and learned a lot about Japanese culture and the Japanese way of life. We were hoping that tris trip to Japan would give our children a broader outlook, and feel that this was accomplished through our special experience with otomo.
A Couple's Trip
Our otomo guide responded to all our on-the-spot requests.
We had been used to touring as part of a group and were dissatisfied with how little freedom we had, but with otomo, our guide responded instantly to all our requests and we were able to enjoy our trip to its fullest. It made us want to use this service again.
A Trip with Friends
A excellently planned tour!
We were shown around the local neighbourhoods we wouldn't have thought to visit otherwise, as well as the famous landmarks and buildings. The day was full of walking, but the cafes and food stalls we stopped by on the way to rest were brilliant and added to the fun!
A Backpacker’s Trip
An anxiety free experience!
I'd never travelled alone and was feeling a little nervous about visiting Japan, but my otomo guide was great and showed me the best of Tokyo. He even gave me extra recommended locations to visit. I can say for sure that I made the most of my trip with otomo.
A Family Trip
Our otomo guide was wonderful!
Our daughter just turned five and was finally old enough to travel abroad. We were worried that the tour plan we chose might be too much for her, but our guide was flexible with the plan and altered the schedule to suit us, so we had no trouble travelling with a young child!

Offered tour plans

otomo offers unique tour plans from a variety of different categories.

The World of "It's Tough Being a Man (1969)" in Shibamata
Visiting a grand shrine, sampling street food and drinking tea with the view of a Japanese garden. Enjoy a slow, relaxing afternoon in Shibamata.
Showa Period (1926-1989) Nostalgia in Asakusa
An observatory deck overlooking Sensoji Temple and the downtown bar district. Visit an Asakusa you did not know.
A Tour of Roppongi’s Beautiful Architecture
Roppongi has more to offer than just its nightlife! Visit a traditional Japanese garden, a beautifully designed modern museum and more of its outstanding architecture.

Messages from otomo guides

Our local tour guides welcome you with open arms!

  • Are you interested in the latest of kawaii in Japan?
    I will tell you everything I know about it!
LanguagesEnglish (Intermediate) / Korean (Intermediate)
Favourite categories / categoryScenery & Photography, Beauty & Relaxation
Favourite tour planColorful photo opportunities in the birthplace of kawaii
  • Let me introduce you to the charms of Japan!
    Get to know the Japan you didn't know with local knowledge.
LanguagesChinese (Advanced)
Favourite categories / categoryAcademy & Museum, Food & Drink
Favourite tour planVisit a Space Center and an Astronomical Observatory
  • Are you a lover of beauty?
    Let me escort you to fantastic locations in Tokyo!
LanguagesEnglish (Advanced)
Favourite categories / categoryScenery & Photography, Traditional Culture
Favourite tour planA Downtown Tour of Locations Great for Photographs