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We offer main and optional service, includes transfer to designated destinations and other various arrangements such as hires and hotels.

Main service

Optional service

※ Using optional service only is not available
※ We maybe able to provide services other than those listed above. Please do not hesitiate to contact us.


We provide superior hospitality, providing high-quality tour guides and travel plans tailored to meet the needs of executives and VIPs.


Please use our service to welcome the increasing number of people visiting for business purposes, and hospitality for various large conventions.
We will resolve all your worries at once.


Concerns of person in charge

Model Case

Please find some tour examples. Our tours have been highly evaluated by numerous customers.

Meet all customer needs within a specifed time period
It is our clients first trip to Japan, and he will be staying for 4 days.
I was overwhelmed by the number of tourist spots he wanted to visit. He also requested to take public transport. We had to shedule the tour to meet all his tour spots using public transporation. otomo provides high-quality tours with expereince to meet all of the tourist's requests.

Tour Overview
Origin country of tourist: Serbia
No. of people visiting: 3 work colleagues
Purpose of trip: Business

Tour Details

  • Day 1: Airport, Imperial Palace, Walking around Marunouchi etc.

    After travelling from the airport to the hotel with your guide, we will guide you to some scenic views around Marunouchi, including Wadakura Fusui Koen and Nijyubashi near the Imperial Palace. In the evening see a night scene unique to Marunouchi. See Tokyo illuminated from hidden spots.

  • Day 2: Asaskusa, Tsukiji, Ginza, Odaiba etc.

    Visit Asakusa including Nakamise-dori, Sensoji and also experience kingyousukui (gold fish scooping) and kawara (Japanese tile breaking). Next we will move to Tsukiji to visit Tsukiji Honganji Temple and off-site market. After shopping Ginza at high-end fashion brands and long-established Japanese confectionary stores, we will visit Odaiba to discover the latest Japanese technology.

  • Day 3: Shinjuku Gyoen, Meiji Jingu, Tokyo Tower etc.

    Take a walk while enjoying the beautiful garden and admire the seasonal flowers and trees at Shinjuku Gyoen. Take a break at the footbaths in the park. Next Meiji Jingu, here we will take you to see hidden spots that many people simply pass by. Finally we will head to Tokyo Tower and look over Tokyo from the observation deck, you will also be able to see local spots near this area.

  • Day 4: Mt.Fuji, Hakone etc.

    Enjoy the view of Mt.Fuji as you move to Hakone. Visit Chokokunomori Museum to see sculptures that are in harmony with the rich nature, and then to Owakudani. Be amazed as you see somthing out of the ordinary, smoke rising here and there from various rocky areas.

We will propose a plan
combines a variety of spots
according to your needs.

How to Use

Introduction of steps until tour day


Both basic and optional services are clearly accounted for.
Please consider registrating for our membership program as all services will be available at a 30% discount rate.

Main service Basic Price Membership price
Private tour with a tour guide 10,000JPY/hour 7,000JPY/hour
Transfer to and from major cities Free Free
Travel insurance Free Free
Optional service Basic Price Membership price
Long-distance hires 10,000JPY/time 7,000JPY/time
Hirer arrangements 3,000JPY/time 2,100JPY/time
Hotel arrangements 3,000JPY/time 2,100JPY/time
Restaurant arrangement 3,000JPY/time 2,100JPY/time
Other arrangements Not applicable Contact us

*All prices do not include Tax

Membership program

Once you join the membership program, you can use our service at a discounted price for a specified number of tours.
Members can also recieve other specials offered.


*Depending on the situation, some services may not be available.

Membership program details

*The number of discounts will counted per tour. For exampe, if you conduct 3 tours (1 tour per day) it will be counted as 3 requests.
*The annual membership fee will be paid upon registration. Membership services are available as soon as the membership fee is comfirmed.
*If the # of dicsounts are exceeded, service will be offered at a regular price. If you upgrade your membership status, you can continue to recieve the discounts.

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Our variety of services offered for internaional customers have been highly reviewed and mentionned in media publications.