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Tokyo | 4.5h
Relax in Selected Cafes, Surrounded by Cute Little Animals

Spend some downtime with cats and rabbits in trendy cafes!

There is a surging trend of cafes in Tokyo, where you can relax with a cup of coffee, surrounded by little animals. There are animal cafes all over Tokyo, but Kichijoji has a number of them, making it a great area to visit if you would like to try them. Some animal cafes have furry animals like cats and rabbits, while others have reptiles like lizards and turtles, and there is even a cafe where you can pet owls! You can also have a look through their animal-themed dishes, stationary, souvenirs and books, if you are interested.
Interested in relieving your everyday stress with these beautiful creatures? If you are an animal lover, this is a tour not to miss!


・You do not have to pay to go to the zoo to pet these animals!
・Your otomo tour guide will translate everything for you, so sit back and relax.
・Enjoy the beautiful interiors of the cafes.
・Explore the interesting shops in Kichijoji as well as the animal cafes.


・Kichijoji Petit Mura
・Hachu Cafe
・Inokashira Nature&Culture Park
・Cafe Migno


・The expenses below are not included in the tour expense and you will have to pay it on the spot. You can choose courses you want to take.
-Kichijoji Petit Mura: JPY1,300~ / 1person
-Hachu Cafe: JPY1,080~ / 1person
-Inokashira Nature&Culture Park: JPY400~ / 1person
-Cafe Mignon: JPY500~ / 1person

・This tour includes a lunch/dinner venue.
・If you have any animal alergies, please consult with your tour guide beforehand. Your tour guide will rearrange your tour plan.
・Hachu Cafe is closed on Wednesdays. If any of the scheduled places are closed on the day you visit, your tour guide will take you to an alternative location.
・There are some cafes where children under the age of primary school age, and people in wheel chairs cannot enter. But please do not worry. If this is the case, your otomo tour guide will take you to an alternative location.

Expenses Not Included

The following expenses are not included in the tour fee. Please bring extra money to experience this tour to its fullest.
-Travel expenses and entrance fees (about JPY 4000)
-Money for food, souvenirs and extra activities not mentioned in the explanation of the tour above.

Meeting Point

Outside the ticket gate of the Central Exit at the JR line, Kichijoji Station

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