Kanagawa | 6.5h
Visit a Japanese Garden, Dressed in a Kimono

An authentic Japanese experience in Yokohama, *limited to weekdays!

Looking to experience authentic Japan? On this tour you can choose your favourite kimono (traditional Japanese clothing), and wear it around Yokohama. You will be visiting a Japanese garden and trying the traditional wanko soba noodles. Get a professional dresser to dress you up in a kimono, and off you go! The Japanese garden is a beautiful, green oasis where you can take great photos. You will then experience the traditional way of eating wanko soba noodles, where, each time you finish a mouthful of noodles you are given another mouthful to eat until you are full and can eat no more. If you are looking for a traditional Japanese experience, this is the tour for you.


・Rent a kimono; a traditional Japanese garment.
・Visit a vast Japanese garden with historically valuable buildings situated throughout its grounds.
・Take beautiful photos in a Japanese garden, dressed in your favourite kimono.
・Experience the Iwate Prefecture speciality, wanko soba noodles, in which you are fed endless individual mouthfuls of noodles until you say stop!


・Yokohama Kimono Station
・Sankeien Garden (inner garden)
・Sankeien Garden (outer gerden)
・Yokohama Kimono Station
・Wanko Soba Tachibana


・Your otomo tour guide will make a reservation for you to rent a kimono, and for this, you will need to provide your tour guide with your approximate height and weight before the tour day.
・Please keep in mind, that depending on how busy the kimono store is when you visit, you may have to wait between 20-30mins.
・Kimono are traditionally worn with sandals called zori. This tour involves a lot of walking, so you may feel uncomfortable wearing zori around all day. We recommend you come in a comfortable pair of shoes so that you can change into them in case you feel uncomfortable. Please also remember to bring a carrier bag to carry your shoes around in!
・If you have a camera or a selfie stick we recommend you bring them along with you to enjoy the tour to its fullest!

Expenses Not Included

The following expenses are not included in the tour fee. Please bring extra money to experience this tour to its fullest.
-Travel expenses and entrance fees (about JPY 2000)
-Money for food, souvenirs and extra activities not mentioned in the explanation of the tour above.

Meeting Point

In front of the coffee shop, Doutor, outside the Central Ticket Gate at the JR line, Yokohama Station

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