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Chiba | 5.0h
A Relaxing Tour Through the Historic City of Water, Sawara

Historic boat rides and world famous festival floats in Little Edo.

Sawara, an area in Chiba, is little known, even to the Japanese. It offers beautiful townscapes of buildings of over 100 years old and the atmosphere of Japan from 200 years ago. Its local festival, the Grand Festival of Sawara, is inscribed on the UNESCO Intangible Heritage List. Enjoy a quiet boat ride down Ono River that runs through the city center and stroll around the old town of Little Edo that will make you feel as if you have slipped back in time to the Edo period (1603-1868). With great access from the airport, this tour is highly recommended if you are flying into or out of Narita Airport! If you are in the area, Sawara is truly worth a visit.


・With great access from Narita Airport, booking this tour is a great way to schedule in a taste of Japanese history.
・Get rowed down a river with historic views from 200 years ago.
・Wear Japanese traditional hanten jackets and pose infront of a giant float from the world-famous festival, the Grand Festival of Sawara.
・If you want to see more of this wonderful area; Sawara, you might find our longer tour, ""A Refreshing Cycle through the City of Water, Sawara"", interesting.


・Narita City Cultural Arts Center, Sky Town Gallery
・SAWARA Tourism Information Center
・Boat tour of Little Edo Sawara
・Historic house of Ino Tadataka
・Nakamuraya Shoten
・Suigo Sawara Float Hall


・The meeting place for this tour is Narita Station, from where you will take the train to Sawara with your otomo tour guide. As there are not many trains, please make sure to arrive on time!
・The tour begins and ends in different locations. If you would like to change the location of where the tour ends, please consult with your tour guide.
・This tour includes a lunch/dinner venue.
・On Wednesdays ""Nakamuraya Shoten"" is closed. If any of the scheduled places are closed on the day you visit, your tour guide will take you to an alternative location.

Expenses Not Included

JPY 3,670~ per person

Meeting Point

By the rotary outside the East Exit of the JR line, Narita Station

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