Chiba | 4.5h
Make the Most of Your Precious Time in Japan at Narita

Explore Narita Airport and its historic local area in your spare time!

Flying into Narita Airport? Making a transfer or leaving Japan to fly back home? Why not squeeze in a brilliant tour to make the most of your time here? There are lots of interesting sights to see in Narita, including Narita Airport. Narita Airport has Japan's longest runway, an area filled with gachapon capsule toy machines, and an Anime Tourism Information place! Move on to the area of Naritasan where you will visit the over 1,000 year-old Naritasan Shinshoji Temple. On the path that leads up to the temple you can try various local street foods in over 100 different shops. This tour is recommended for anyone who has a few hours to spare before or after or even in between their flights!


・If you are new to Japan, your otomo tour guide will show you how to catch trains and use Japanese money.
・Watch airplanes land and take off from Japan's longest runway.
・Explore every inch of the front door to Japan, Narita Airport.
・Try local cuisine on the path that leads up to Naritasan Shinshoji Temple. The speciality is eel!
・Visit the grand buildings of Naritasan Shinshoji Temple, the temple with a history of over a 1,000 years.
・This tour will really help you make the most of your precious time in Japan!


4F Viewing Deck at Narita Aiport Terminal 2
Anime Tourism Information
5F Observation Deck at Narita Airport Terminal 1
4F AIRPORT MALL at Narita Airport Terminal 1
Naritasan Omotesando
Somon, Niomon Gate at Naritasan Shinshoji Temple
Dai Hondo Main Hall at Naritasan Shinshoji Temple


・Please have Japanese yen in hand, as you can only use cash to buy food on the path that leads up to the temple. If you have just arrived in Japan and need help finding somewhere to exchange your money, your otomo tour guide will guide you to a currency exchange place.
・Please use the airport shuttle busses to get between the terminals.
・If you have a large piece of luggage, you can ask the airport to keep it for you.
・If you are arriving in Terminal 1, you can consult with your tour guide to discuss a different meeting point.

Expenses Not Included

Please bring at least ¥1,300 with you (per person) on the day to cover your travel expenses, entrance fees and other necessary costs.
*(money for souvenir shopping is not included)

Meeting Point

1F International arrival lobby A at Narita Airport Terminal 2.

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