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Kanagawa | 7.0h
Introducing all the Famous Spots in Kamakura and Enoshima!

Enjoy the must-sees and the spectacular view of Kamakura/Enoshima

Kamakura was the center of Japanese politics, with the samurai government's headquarters in the 12-14th centuries. Kamakura has many large shrines and temples that played an important role at the time, and their magnificent buildings and elegant decorations surprise and impress people. Kamakura is also full of gourmet foods and is now a famous tourist destination.
From Kamakura, you can take the Enoden (train) to the Shonan area. Enoshima floats along the coast which is famous for swimming and surfing. Enoshima has an observatory deck with a panoramic view of the sea and the city.
This tour will introduce you to the famous must-see spots of Kamakura and Enoshima in one day!


・ Enjoy the scenery unique to Japan at Hokokuji Temple, which is famous for its bamboo forest
・Experience various worship methods at Tsuruoka Hachimangu and Hasedera Temple
・Enjoy matcha in a Japanese-style room and spend a relaxing time
・At Kotoku-in, which is famous for the Great Buddha of Kamakura, you can see the huge Buddha and enter inside of the Buddha
・Get on the Enoden, which runs along the coast, and enjoy the beautiful ocean view
・From the Enoshima observatory deck, you can overlook a spectacular view of the sea and the city.


・Hokokuji Temple: A famous temple with about 2,000 bamboo forests. It is a very popular photo spot when it is possible to take overwhelmingly beautiful photos, so take a look at the superb view with your camera.
・Tsuruoka Hachimangu: A shrine with a history of over 1000 years. This shrine is known as a power spot that you should visit. This shrine was worshiped by Genji who ruled Japan during the Kamakura era. Here is one of the most important places in Kamakura as it was said that the guardian deity of samurai warriors was located.
・Komachi street: A street lined with restaurants and souvenir shops that run from Kamakura Station to Tsuruoka Hachimangu. Many local foods can only be eaten in Kamakura and some that cannot be bought. Why don't you stop by the store you like?
・Tenugui Cafe Ichigeya: A 70-year-old renovated old private house. Take a break in a Japanese space and have lunch. It is also a shop of "Tenugui", one of the representative crafts in Japan, so it is recommended as a souvenir.
・Kotoku-in: This is a temple where the famous giant Buddha statue, "Kamakura Daibutsu", is located. The height is more than 11m! You can even go inside the statue. Enjoy the Buddhist statue experience that can be enjoyed from both outside and inside!
・Hasedera Temple: A temple also called "Flower Temple", where you can enjoy the plants of all four seasons. There are many spots to see in the very large grounds, and you can take a walk while climbing the mountain or entering the cave. You can enjoy Japanese culture experience with cute amulets and funny fortune-telling paper.
・Enoshima: A scenic spot that has been selected as one of Japan's 100 most scenic spots. Famous as a historical island of worship, you can enjoy "Takosen", Shirasu-don (rice bowl), and other specialties that can only be eaten here.
・Enoshima Shrine: This shrine has a history of over 1000 years and is an important power spot in Enoshima. Take Japan's first outdoor escalator to the top of Enoshima. You can also pray for the God of marriage.
・Enoshima Sea Candle (Observatory Deck): A lighthouse popular as a symbol of the Shonan area. You can enjoy a superb 360-degree panoramic view with Mt. Fuji from Enoshima!


・The tour end location will differ from the starting location. If you would like to change the end location, please consult with your tour guide.
・Tuesday and Wednesday, the spot "Tenugui Cafe Ichigeya" will be closed. Please note that other spots may be changed to other spots in case of the temporary closure.
・It is difficult for wheelchair users to participate in this tour as the tour includes many stairs.

Safety Measures

Expenses Not Included

The travel expense is not included in the tour fee. Please bring extra money to experience this tour to its fullest.
(Entrance fees, transportation fees, activity fees, etc. - at least about JPY3,300 /person)

Meeting Point

JR Kamakura Station, in front of East ticket gate

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