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Kanagawa | 5.0h
Monkey Island, Sarushima, and its Unmanned Fortress

Explore an uninhabited island and the American streets of Yokosuka.

Only an hour away from Tokyo lies the island of Sarushima (aka Monkey Island), abandoned and taken over by nature. On this tour, you will take a boat from Yokosuka's port town and head for this beautiful, uninhabited island, which was once used as a military fortress in World War II. You can still see abandoned buildings such as the barracks and ammunition depot, today, just as they were back then. The way nature has taken over the fortress brings the image of Laputa from the movie, Castle in the Sky, to visitors' minds. After exploring the island and enjoying a lunch break/snack by its beautiful sea, your otomo tour guide will take you on a tour around the port town of Yokosuka!


・Visit the only uninhabited island in Tokyo and explore the remains of its fortress.
・Enjoy a tour of the port town, Yokosuka, where you will visit an American shopping street and a park where battleships come to dock.


・Mikasa Park, Sanbashi: See real battleships built for the Russo-Japanese War during the 20th century, displayed in this spacious park before setting off to Sarushima!
・Yokosuka Port Market: A huge supermarket, used both by visitors and locals, that sells all sorts of local products including souvenirs of Yokosuka. Stock up on locally produced food and drinks to take to the island with you!
・Sarushima Sanbashi: Get on a boat and visit the only uninhabited island in Tokyo! Explore the remains of the island's fortress and go swimming at the beach!
・Board Deck, Sarushima: The sandy beach at Sarushima is a lovely place to spend an afternoon, with many swimmers and fishers visiting, during the summer period. Find the perfect spot to sit and enjoy whatever you bought from Yokosuka Port Market. During the summer you can also purchase a delicious dish of curry on the island.
・Fortress Remains: Sarushima was used as a military fortress during World War II, and you can still see the remains of the buildings taken over by nature today. The island has been kept as a symbol of peace and reminds many of Laputa from the movie, Castle in the Sky.
・Dobuita Street: Visit this American street, packed with shops that sell navy related merchandise and sukajan souvenir jackets. Located close to a United States Navy Base, the bars in this area fill up with Americans in the evening, so it almost feels as though you are not in Japan!


・If the boat to Sarushima is cancelled due to weather conditions on the day of your tour, we will make drastic changes to the tour plan. Please see the following link to get an idea of what your alternate tour will be like, as it will be a customized version of the tour on this link.
【Gourmet, Art and Magnificent Views in Yokosuka】
・Please come in comfortable clothing, as this tour involves a lot of walking.
・If you would like to go swimming on the island during the summer period, feel free to bring swimwear and towels!
・We have not included any particular lunch/dinner places on this tour, but you are welcome to stop for a break and eat whenever

Expenses Not Included

Please bring at least ¥1,500 with you (per person) on the day to cover your travel expenses, entrance fees and other necessary costs.
*(money for souvenir shopping is not included)

Meeting Point

Outside the East Ticket Gate Exit at the Keikyu Line, Yokosuka-chuo Station *Note that this station is not the JR Line, Yokosuka Station.

[How to get to the Keikyu Line, Yokosuka-chuo Station] At Shinagawa Station, board the Keikyu Main Line bound for Keikyu Kurihama Station. It will take roughly 50 minutes on the Rapid Limited Express to get to Yokosuka-Chuo Station.

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