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Tokyo | 6.0h
100% Enjoy Meiji Shrine and Harajuku. Tour of all must-sees!

From traditional to cutting-edge culture! Know all about "Harajuku"!

"Harajuku", which is crowded with many people every day, is a must-see city for a trip to Japan.
First of all, at Meiji Jingu, you can feel the traditional culture and feel nature. In the Takeshita street, you can get a taste of the unique and delicious sweets and can take a look at the world-famous KAWAII culture. In the Omotesando area, you can experience the latest fashion. If you walk a step back all the way, there is the Uraharajuku area.
In this tour, we will fully explain the charm of Harajuku that cannot be expressed in one word. The age and clothes of people walking are completely different depending on the area. Why don't you try a unique experience in Harajuku?


・At the Meiji Shrine, which has a vast land that you want to visit at least once, you can visit while feeling nature.
・Visit to a shop that sells unique sweets and miscellaneous goods that can only be found in Harajuku.
・You can enjoy traditional Japanese art such as the history of Zen-related tea ceremony and Japanese swords.
・In Omotesando where luxury brand shops are lined up, we introduce sophisticated and must-see photo spots. Let's take a memorable photo only here in the world. 


Meiji Shrine
 One of the most famous shrines in Japan, visited by 8 million people annually. There is a forest with its own ecosystem on such a vast site that you cannot imagine it being in the center of the city. Inside of the shrine is cool even in the summer when you step into it, and you can visit it while breathing the beautiful air and feeling nature.
Takeshita Street
Speaking of youth culture is here! There are many people all year round, and there are many colorful and pop shops lined up. You can eat food, take a photo, or buy some freakish miscellaneous goods! It's a street where you can soak up the cute culture of Harajuku.
Purikura land NOA
NOA is the first Purikura shop in Japan and is called the mecca of Purikura. There are about 25 Purikura machines waitiing for you!
Totti Candy Factory
Harajuku limited rainbow-colored cotton candy, which is bigger than your face, is very popular! There are colorful and pop products in the store. You can see how they are making when you order! Buy a photogenic cotton candy and have a delicious and fun experience!
A quiet residential area spreads out just behind the lively front street, and you can enjoy the contrast with the bustle of the city. There are sophisticated and fashionable shops scattered throughout the residential area, and there are also photo spots that everyone knows.
Urasando Garden
Let's take a break in an old folk house-style building where you can feel the calm Japanese atmosphere. In addition to traditional Japanese flavors such as matcha and dumplings, there are also the latest original Japanese sweets that have a new look and taste. Enjoy the taste of Japan!
Nezu Museum
The museum has antique art items unique to Japan and a large and beautiful Japanese garden, which is highly acclaimed by all visitors! The atmosphere is 180 degrees opposite to the lively Harajuku, so you can spend a quiet and calm time. Experience the historic Japanese culture, such as Japanese swords, tea utensils that represent Zen spirit, and folding screens.
Omotesando, which has 100 years' history since it opened, is one of Japan's leading fashion streets and one of the tourist attractions in Tokyo. Various fashionistas come and go to Omotesando. See the people around you who keep on sending fashion!
Omotesando Hills
It is a shopping mall that is a landmark of Omotesando. Inside the building are sophisticated fashionable shops, and in the central space there are artworks by famous artists. Enjoy the cutting-edge glittering world of the times!
Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku:
A fashionable park where the front entrance with all mirrors is very artistic. Let's see how everyone is surprised! You can also take a break in the area called "Starbucks in the sky".


・Please note that if the expected tour destination is temporally closed, your tour guide will take you to the alternative spot.

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