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Saitama | 3.5h
A Photography Based tour in Kawagoe for Architecture Lovers

International architectural styles in Kawagoe's historical Coedo Town.

Kawagoe, with its streets filled with traditional houses and old warehouses, is a popular place for those who wish to experience the history of Japan. This impressive town not only has Japanese style architecture, but it is also a place where you can enjoy beautiful, retro-looking Western style architecture as well. We recommend you bring your camera to capture this interesting townscape, with its mix of architectural styles. We also recommend you visit in the evening/late afternoon when other tourists have started to leave and the town is calmer and more peaceful. If you are at all interested in architecture or photography, this tour is not one to miss!


・Enjoy the beautiful buildings with different styles of architecture, including Renaissance and Baroque. There is a brick building and a Parthenon-like building as well.
・Take photographs at a location that looks like the set from a scene of an old movie.
・Your otomo tour guide will take you to see buildings built of stone and brick, something you do not often see in Japan.
・The routes you will take to get to each location of the tour are planned carefully so that you can visit the Wearhouse District and the Taisho Roman Dream Street as well.


・Shimano Coffee Taisho-kan: This beautiful stone building was built 80 years ago and looks like something from a set of an old movie.
・Kawagoe Chamber of Commerce: This chamber that looks like the Parthenon stands in the middle of an old Japanese town.
・Kawagoe Christ Church: The interior of this beautiful brick church is just as beautiful as the exterior, with a mix of wooden structures and bricks.
・Modern-tei Taiyoken: This pink building with stained glass windows is a popular place to take photos.
・Warehouse District, Ichibangai Shopping Street: This street is filled with converted warehouses. Shop in between visiting the scheduled locations of the tour!
・Kawagoe Branch of Saitama Resona Bank: This bank with a green dome has a very unique exterior.
・Former Yamakichi Department Store: This beautiful concrete building is currently used as a dental clinic!
・ReReRe no Record: Try the locally brewed Coedo Beer in this record shop-like coffee shop.


・Please come in comfortable clothing, as this tour involves a lot of walking.
・Please note that most of the locations you will visit on this tour has been included so that you can enjoy looking at their exterior architecture.
・We recommend you bring your camera with you to enjoy this tour to its fullest!
・Taste the locally brewed Coedo Beer in a lovely coffee shop.
・You can start the tour at whatever time you like, but we recommend you start it in the evening. Recommended times are after 16:00 between April and September, and after 15:30 between October and March.

Expenses Not Included

Please bring at least ¥500 with you (per person) on the day to cover your travel expenses, entrance fees and other necessary costs.
*(money for souvenir shopping is not included)

Meeting Point

By the West Exit of the Tobu Tojo Line, Kawagoe Station

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