Saitama | 4.5h
An Intellectual, Historical Tour of Kawagoe's Coedo Town

A good tour is a tour with history, you will love the town in the end.

Kawagoe is a popular tourist destination for its Edo period (1603-1868) townscapes. This tour will help you enjoy the town better, with the area's historical and cultural backgrounds explained. To get an overview of the history of Kawagoe city, you will first head to the city museum. Your tour guide will help you understand the displays and translate anything that you need to know. Once you have the background knowledge, you are set to see the actual historical buildings and monuments, such as Honmaru Residence, Kitain Temple and Nakain Temple. You will also visit the popular Warehouse District and Taisho Roman Dream Street. Do not forget to try the local sweet potato related food too!


・Take advantage of your tour guide's language skills to better understand the explanations in the city museum.
・Visit the historically valuable buildings; Honmaru Residence and Kitain Temple.
・Taste the local food that uses sweet potatoes in the most unique ways.
・Visit the popular areas of the town too; the Warehouse District and Taisho Roman Dream Street.


・Kawagoe City Museum: Learn what a "kura" is and why Kawagoe is called "Koedo Town" before you head out to discover the town with your own eyes.
・Kawagoe Castle Honmaru Residence: Wander around the old corridors of this precious historic site.
・Kanmi Sabo Kasuga: Taste the local, unique food of Kawagoe; sweet potato somen noodles!
・Kitain Temple: Visit this historically valuable temple and ward off bad spirits.
・Nakain Temple: Conclude your tour with a visit to this temple with a beautiful garden. There is something different to see in this garden for every season of the year.


・Please come in comfortable clothing, as this tour involves a lot of walking.
・This tour includes a lunch/dinner venue.

Expenses Not Included

Please bring at least ¥2,000 with you (per person) on the day to cover your travel expenses, entrance fees and other necessary costs.
*(money for souvenir shopping is not included)

Meeting Point

By the Tourism Information Center outside the ticket gates at the Tobu Tojo Line, Kawagoe Station 【How to get to Kawagoe Station】 At the JR Line, Ikebukuro Station, board the Tobu Tojo Line and head to Kawagoe Station. It will take roughly 30-40 minutes to get there.

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