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Osaka | 4.5h
A tour finding your favorite antique or modern arts in Osaka

Extensive range of art that will overwhelm you!

Yes, Osaka is a city famous for its energetic vibe as you know, but did you know it also has a district where you can enjoy art in a sophisticated mood?
Nakanoshima has many museums supported by major enterprises, which makes it the epicenter of culture and art in Osaka.
 You will visit many kinds of art spots on this tour, from western to eastern and from medieval to modern. We will start with modern paintings followed by a Japanese style tea ceremony room designated as a cultural property. You will also like the art deeply rooted in daily life such as daily supplies designed by an up-and-coming designing group and beautiful architecture still used as a public facility.


・Nakanoshima, located between two rivers, is a “museum paradise” that has many museums.
・Spotted worth-seeing retro architecture, museums that represent Osaka, and the epicenter of the up-and-coming artists all coexist in a small area. Gathered art from several eras, your curiosity would be sparked by the mystery of art beyond the time.
・Nakanoshima is a town along a river, which will remind you of Paris. With its relaxed mood, even just strolling around will make you satisfied!


・The National Museum of Art Osaka: We will start our art tour with a museum that exhibits modern art. The work on the ground is characteristic, but actually, this museum is based underground.
Although it is located underground, it has a bright and spacious museum, so the design of the museum itself is also worth to have a look.
・graf studio: After “watching” art, it is time for “touching” art. This is a place that designs and sells daily supplies such as furniture and plates. There is also a cafe in a stylish space to realize their slogan, ”design communication”.
・Nakanoshima Kosetsu Museum of Art: A museum, the main attraction of this tour, that displays many kinds of art designated as cultural property such as, swords, armor, Buddhism art, writings, modern paintings, Japanese tea ceremony utensils so on. The reproduced tea room, which is one of the important cultural property, is a must-see!
・Osaka Prefectural Nakanoshima Library: A library resembling Greek temple that is older than 100 years. It is still used as a library, while people enjoy the architecture itself as art. The art rooted in daily life will impress you!
・Osaka City Central Public Hall: Another beautiful architecture that is still functioning as a city hall and remains as one of the symbolic places in Osaka. Since it is constructed of red bricks, it wonderfully reflects the blue and green color of the river and greenery.
・Museum of Oriental Ceramics: At this final spot on this tour, you can see and take pictures of ceramics which are designed as a national treasure or cultural property. Don’t miss this opportunity to have a close look at national treasure arts!


・Please come in comfortable clothing, as this tour involves a lot of walking.
・The tour begins and ends in different locations. If you would like to change the location of where the tour ends, please consult with your tour guide.
・This tour includes a lunch/dinner venue.

Expenses Not Included

The following expenses are not included in the tour fee. Please bring extra money to experience this tour to its fullest.
-Travel expenses and entrance fees (about JPY 2000)
-Money for food, souvenirs and extra activities not mentioned in the explanation of the tour above.

Meeting Point

In front of the exit of “Fukushima Station, JR Line”(Osaka Prefecture)

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