Tokyo | 4.5h
A Time Travel Between Modern and Edo Period Tokyo

Edo period everyday goods stores and a modern-day family restaurant.

Kagurazaka is an interesting area with a mix of historic and modern scenery. On this tour you will experience the lives of the people who lived through the Edo period (1603-1868) as well as the lives of the people who visit the area today. Shop in stores that sell products that people used to purchase back in the Edo period, such as household goods, Japanese umbreallas and incense, and visit the shrines and temples they frequently visited. After you visit a bathhouse you are on to the modern part of the tour! You will be introduced to a restaurant and game center, both of which are frequently visited by people today. At the game center, take purikura in photo booths to commemorate your trip!


・You can purchase practical, daily household goods that people used to buy back in the Edo period, as souvenirs to take home with you.
・For the modern part of the tour, you will enjoy a meal in a reasonable retaurant and visit a game center, a classic destination for Japanese youths. Taking pictures in the purikura photo booths is a must!


・Bishamonten Zenkoku-ji Temple
・Fushimi Hibuse Inari Shrine
・SEGA Kagurazaka
・Saizeriya Kagurazakashita


・We have not included any particular lunch/dinner places in this tour, but you are welcome to stop for a break and eat whenever and wherever you like.
・"Toushien" is closed on Mondays, and "Sukeroku", on every second and third Sunday of the month. If any of the scheduled places are closed on the day you visit, your tour guide will take you to an alternative location.

Expenses Not Included

The following expenses are not included in the tour fee. Please bring extra money to experience this tour to its fullest.
-Money for food, souvenirs and extra activities not mentioned in the explanation of the tour above.

Meeting Point

The West Exit at the JR line, Iidabashi Station

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