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Tokyo | 5.5h
Let's go to Ryo-san's town! A tour on Kochikame.

Look for statues and enjoy a game park! Time-slip into Ryo-san times.

Japan's popular manga, Kochikame, based in Kameari has a spot named after the manga and is becoming a popular spot for fans. This is no surprise, Kochikame has the Guiness world record of 200 volumes released from 1976 to 2016, and was a series in Sonenjump for over 40 years. Ryo-san has also become overseas!
This plan takes you to the game center which became the theme of Kochikame, statues of its characters and spots. Lastly we will take you otomo's recommended spot, the spots of Ryo-san's childhood. See old fashioned shops, sweet shops, Japanese gardens, enjoy downtown Japan!


・Take photos with more than 6 characters from Ryo-san
・Find the secret which lies at the North Exit Kameari Police Station, the motif of Kameari, where Ryo-san worked.
・Jump into the world of Kochikame as you experience a Japanese game center
・Time-slip into the childhood of Ryo-san and experience Shibamata as it was then. Eat old-fashioned Japanese Sweets and visit a beautiful Japanese Garden. It is a 10 minute train ride, difficult to go on your own, but possible with your otomo guide!


・Ryotsu Kankichizo: Firstly let's greet the Ryo-san statue built in 2006. It feels like the Gold Statue of Ryo-san is saying, "Good job on making it here!"
・Kameari Station North Exit Police Station: A real police station that became the motif of Ryo-san, Reflect back to the scene where the manga was set.
・Yoshida Pan: It is a Koppepan specialty store.It is a famous shop recommended by the locals, people from Tokyo come here to buy this bread! Why don't you try this fluffly, delicious, Koppepan too?
・Kameari Park:There are 2 statues of Ryo-san manga characters in this park. Do you want to take a break whilst patrolling this park? Let's take a break on the bench where Ryo-san is sitting and take a photo as a souvenir!
・South Entrance 4 zou: There are many Kochikame statues at the south entrance of Kameari Station, try to find them all! There are statues so small it will take your breath away!
・Iseya: There is alot of food that can been eaten in the shopping area! You can buy Japanese sweets here! We recommend you to try the kochikame dorayaki.
・Kameari Kandoni Jinja: This shrine often appears in the manga! Why don't you write your wishes on the Ryo-san ema? Whether it's an absurb or unrealistic wish, if you have Ryo-san's power you will feel as though it will come true!
・Kochikame Game Park: A game park themed on Kochikame, the police stations and charaters are animated here too! You can find various characters, and even take a peak into Ryo-san's desk. Let's enjoy games, including UFO catchers, in the world of Kochikame.
・Shibamata Haikara Yokocho: We will go to Shibamata from Kameari by train. You will reach the nostalgic city, where the landscape remains since Ryo-san was born. Try playing some games from Ryo-san's childhood, or buy some sweets from the sweet shop.
・Yamamoto-tei: Let's enjoy the beautiful garden, ranked 3rd in Japan. The recommended point, is enjyoing some tea whilst admiring the Japanese beautiful garden in a Japanese cutlural room. This is a luxury spot, not known to many!


・Be sure to take a camera as there are many statues to take photos of
・Take some extra cash to use at the game center

Expenses Not Included

The following expenses are not included in the tour fee. Please bring extra money to experience this tour to its fullest.
-Travel expenses and entrance fees (about JPY 1000)
-Money for food, souvenirs and extra activities not mentioned in the explanation of the tour above.

Meeting Point

By the ticket gate at the JR line, Kameari Station

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