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A Must-See in Himeji - tradition in Yamadera and a castle!

Experience the sacred atmosphere of Buddhism, and history of Samurai

Located 1-2 hours from Kyoto and Osaka, Himeji has 2 major spots symbolizing Japanese culture. That is Yamadera/Enkyoji with a history of more than 1000 years, and Himeji Castle, Japan's first world heritage site. If you come to Japan and Kansai, this a not to miss!
Enkyoji is a traditional temple, a cultural property designated by the country. The municipal hall, large auditorium, and dining hall are all spiritual places with a harsh atmosphere. It has been used as a Hollywood location set. If you spend enough time here, you may reach enlightenment.
Next is Himeji Castle, feel the history of Samurai and see the remains from the war. Don't forget to admire the castle from the outside too!


・Enjoy the world heritage as you tour with your guide
・Enkyoji of Yamadera is hard to access, but don't worry your guide will lead you
・Enjoy traditional Japanese culture, Buddhism, Samurai and Japanese sweets all at once


・Shoshasan Ropeway Sanroku Station: Welcome to Shoshasan. People in the past used to climb up the steep path to Enkyoji. However, today there is a ropeway to reach Enkyoji. Enjoy the spectacular view over Himeji from the gondola.
・Enkyoji Maniden: Keep walking until you see a large building, this is Maniden. It has a tremendous history of 1000 years! You'll be amazed at the size of this building which was built in an era without cars and electricity. The scenery from the stage is a masterpiece.
・Auditorium, dining hall and municipal hall: Enjoy a walk in Yamadera, and keep walking in the mountain past Maniden into a small yard. You will see three large halls. These halls have been used as Hollywood and Japanese drama location sets.
・Jidai Cafe: After walking around the temple, let's relax in Japanese style cafe. Customers come to enjoy the ninja parfait, with sweets in the shape of shuriken inside. We also recommend the Sengoku warrior craft beer and the Himeji gourmet oden!
・Himeji Castle: It is Japan's first world heritage site, both the interior and exterior are extraordinary. With an elegant appearance like a white bird spreading its wings, it is also commonly known as Shirasajio castle. Over 400 years have passed since it was built, however the beauty remains, and even the architectural images remain inside. Everyone will be in awe of this castle!
・Iseya Honten Nishinikai-Cho Honten: A Japanese sweet shop from over 300 years ago during the Edo-period. These sweets combine deliciousness, tradition and history that even the lords of Himeji Castle enjoyed. Find your favourite sweet and take a taste!


・Please wear comfortable clothing as you will be walking a lot
・Lunch (dinner) is not included, but meals can be purchased at rest spots
・Jidai Cafe is closed on Mondays. Please note other locations maybe changed when temporarily closed.

Expenses Not Included

The following expenses are not included in the tour fee. Please bring extra money to experience this tour to its fullest.
-Travel expenses and entrance fees (about JPY 2000)
-Money for food, souvenirs and extra activities not mentioned in the explanation of the tour above.

Meeting Point

JR Himeji Station Midori no Madoguchi (Ticket Counter)

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