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Hyogo | 5.0h
Experience Hot Spring Culture of 1400 years - Arima Onsen

A remote, hot spring, resident town, just an hour from Osaka and Kobe

Old townscapes with a calm atmosphere, pleasant hot springs...Japan's old-fashioned resort from 1400 years ago, your otomo guide will show you this charming, hot spring town! For what purpose do you think the Japanese go to hot springs? Of course sightseeing, but some come for curing sickness and injuries. There were even times when artists came before their submission due dates. Visit places with steaming hot springs, try walking the maze like roads of this town, go to a stylish cafe where the geisha awaits, and a ryokan where writers would stay all night. Why don't you experience a slightly different way of spending time at a hot spring?


・Your otomo guide will show you around this hot spring town, packed with hot springs that will confuse you if alone ・Learn about historical, famous people who came to Arima onsen in a casual, relatable tone, and with familiarity by your guide ・The aligned craft shops and pickles shops in the shopping district are almost like a museum


・Kanenoyu (foot bath): If you travelled so far to come to this hot spring town, you have to visit the ashiyu, and warm your feet. As you relax with your feet in the hot spring, your guide will explain to you about the history of this hot spring town. 
・Tansansengen Park: This park is one of the sources of the hot springs in Arima. You can even drink the steaming water, twist the faucet and try some! How does it taste? Make sure not to taste too much. There are a total of 7 sources, can you find all of them? 
・Mitsumori Tasansen Shop: A rice-cracker shop established over 100 years ago. The crackers use the carbonated water of the hot springs, giving them a light crisp touch. Even better, they do not contain additives! 
・Tsukudani ganso Kawakami Shoten Honten: A tsukudani shop established over 400 years ago. To this day, it follows the old-fashioned cooking style of using a "kamado". Let's try tsukudani, that even the warriors in the past may have eaten. 
・Geigi Cafe Ishi Ito: A rare cafe where a Geisha awaits to welcome you. The interior is decorated luxuriously in a Japanese style. There is also stage, if lucky you will be able to see the Geisha dance. How about a break with Japanese sweets and matcha? 
・Arima Masuike: Those who came to fix illness, create a few works, or just for pleasure to this hot spring town, must have wanted some fresh air at times. Maybe they took a walk outside, did some fishing and fed the fish for some refreshment? ・Tosen Goshobo: An inn established over 800 years ago. Many famouse Japanese writers came to stay here, but also fans of celebrities. If you stop by for coffee inside, you can enjoy this unique atmosphere, and feel the weight of history. 
・Yoshitaka-ya: There are many unique souvenirs. There are many miscellaneous goods selected by shopkeepers, definitely enjoyable to take a look around. What about buying some bath salts made the ingredients found in Arima onsen?


・Please wear comfortable clothing as you will be walking a lot
・Lunch (dinner) is not included, but meals can be purchased at rest spots
・Geigi Cafe Ichi Ito and Arima Ike, are closed on Thursdays. Please note other locations maybe changed when temporarily closed.

Expenses Not Included

The travel expense is not included in the tour fee. Please bring extra money to experience this tour to its fullest.
(Entrance fees, transportation fees, activity fees, etc. - at least about JPY1,000 /person)

Meeting Point

JR Sannomiya Station Midori no Madoguchi (Ticket Office)

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