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Tokyo | 3.0h
Escorting Your Shopping in Ginza, the City of Boutiques

A Ginza shopping that changes the destination based on your request

Ginza is known as one of the most upscale areas in Tokyo and is filled with tourists who come here to shop and eat.
There are many historic department stores and select shops selling trendy brands, and many people enjoy shopping here every day.
This plan is perfect for those who have such problems and concerns!
Your tour guide will escort you through the shopping experience, changing the destination to suit your interests and wants.
If you want to enjoy shopping in Japan without any stress, this is the right plan for you.
But please note that the amount of money you spend shopping is not included in this tour.


・You can find a wide range of Japanese stationery, foods, and sundries as well as high-brand products.
・The places you visit will change according to your needs, so you can experience your unique tour.
・You will always be accompanied by a tour guide, so you will have a stress-free experience when communicating and moving around when shopping.


・Ginza Mitsukoshi: This is the oldest department store in Ginza with a statue of a lion at the main entrance. With a wide range of products, you're sure to find what you're looking for in this department store.
・GINZA SIX: One of Ginza's newest department stores, with an elaborate, museum-like interior. It offers many products that incorporate global trends under the concept of "Life At Its Best".
・Hankyu Men's: A long-established department store that deals only in men's clothes, suits, and accessories. The department store offers a wide range of products from stylish to vintage clothing to tickle the man's heart.
・TOKYU PLAZA: The motif of the department store is Edo-kiriko (Japanese glasswork). Compared to other department stores, you can find more Japanese crafts and Japanese brands in this store.
・Big Camera Yurakucho: If you want to buy electronics from Japan, this is the place to go, one of the largest electronics stores in Japan. Selling not only electronics but also cosmetics and alcoholic beverages, so you might find something here that you couldn't find at a department store.


・You can change your destination depending on what you want to shop in/around the Ginza area.
・The amount of money you spend on shopping is not included in this tour.
・If you want to shop for a specific item, please contact us in advance (e.g., watches, clothes, shoes, etc.).

Expenses Not Included


Meeting Point

Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, Ginza Station, in front of A6 Exit

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