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Discover the History of the Great Earthquake - Revived Kobe

Discover the History of the Great Earthquake - Revived Kobe

Kobe is a city with many attractive tour spots, beautiful architecture, and cuisines. Did you know it is a city that experienced the Hanshin-Awaji great earthquake 20 years ago? Today the city is refined, with no traces of the earthquake left. What was the road to recovery? Let's find out on this tour! First, learn about the magnitude of the earthquake, impact on society and about disaster prevention. We will visit spots such as Ikuta Jinja, Nankincho and Kobe Port to see what happened back then, and how the city has recovered. Experience this tour that will make you feel even more thankful for everyday life!


・Learn about the Kobe earthquake and see the actual sites
・Your otomo guide will show you around the complicated paths in a timely manner 
・Many exhibitions are in Japanese, your otomo guide will support your understanding ・Learn how to cope when an earthquake occurs (disaster prevention)


・Disaster Reduction and Human Renovation Institution: Learn about the Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake that happened in Kobe, with videos and photos. You can learn about the scale of damage caused, and also learn about disaster prevention against large earthquakes that may occur in the future. 
・Monument of Tetsujin 28: The area around Shinnagata Station experienced a fire at the same time as the earthquake. The old shopping street was taken away by the fire. Local residents who felt a sense of crisis established a monument of a charater, by Kobe cartoonist. This is the monument known as Tetsujin 28. 
・Ikuta Shrine: It is a wonderful shrine where many people come to visit in Kobe. In addition to becoming Kobe's name origin, this shrine honors the god of marriage. Hundreds of couples hold their wedding ceremony here each year. Also take a look at the water which is said to tell the future. 
・Kyu Kobe Kyoryuchi Jugobankan: A valuable building existing in the Yoruyuchi Era (1868-1899). The whole budiling was destroyed during the disaster, however most of the building material has been reused and restored to its original form. It is a precious building intertwining the first construction of the 19th century, and the second construction in the 20th century with the earthqauke. 
・Kobe East Park: In winter every year, a beautiful illumination called Kobe Lumineri is held to pray for the victims of the Great Hanshin-Awaji earthquake and commit to hope for rebuilding and revitalizing the city. The lights are always shining for January 17th. 
・Nankinmachi (Chinatown): It is one of the most famous Chinatowns in Japan. It is famous for easily being able to eat dumplings and ramen, however this is the result of the earthquake. Let's enjoy Chinese food while listening to stories of the past. 
・Shinsai Memorial Park: Kobe Port is a symbol of the fashionable city of Kobe. On the edge of this city, there is Shinsai Memorial Park. Feel the tremendous effects of the earthquake as you see parts of the port remain that remain damaged to this day.


・Please wear comfortable clothing as you will be walking a lot
・Tour finishing spot is different to meeting spot. Please contact your tour guide if you would like to change the finishing spot
・Lunch (dinner) spot is not included, but meals can be purchased at rest spots
・Disaster Reduction and Human Renovation Institution is closed on Mondaysm (if Monday is a public holiday, the following day will be closed). Please note other locations maybe changed when temporarily closed.

Expenses Not Included

The travel expense is not included in the tour fee. Please bring extra money to experience this tour to its fullest.
(Entrance fees, transportation fees, activity fees, etc. - at least about JPY1,000 /person)

Meeting Point

JR Sannomiya Station Midori no Madoguchi (Ticket Office)

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