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Fukuoka | 5.5h
[Certified by Fukuoka] A Photogenic Tour to Visit Beautiful Spots with Kimono on!

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This is a plan for those who want to wear a kimono and take beautiful pictures! With many historic sites, Hakata, Fukuoka is a perfect place to walk around with a kimono! You will visit selected spots that suit perfectly with kimono on this tour. A clerk will help you get your kimono on and your photogenic tour starts! You will visit a park with a lot of greenery, a tasteful Japanese garden, a good old typical Japanese alley, a Japanese room where you will have green tea and Japnese sweet. At each spot, your guide will tell you the best angle for pictures and the history of it! Don’t forget to book your tour to take superior pictures and walk around with a kimono!


・Wear a kimono and take pictures at Japanese-like views such as temples and gardens! ・Your guide will tell you the best angle to take pictures at each spot. Not only the angle but also the history and other information that your guide will tell you!


・Maiyu no Yakata: You will start your tour here. Choose your favorite kimono and a clerk will help you put it on! Make sure you choose the best kimono since you will wear it through the whole tour and take many pictures! Ohori park Japanese garden: A Japanese garden with Japanese beauty such as a pond like a mirror, a dynamic waterfall, the beautiful contrast between white sand and the greenery. It is often used as a shooting spot and fits very well with kimono! 
・Ohori park: A beautiful park with a huge pond and a bridge on it. The park is located on a site where it used to be a moat of a castle. Don’t miss to take a picture against the bridge and from the bridge! 
・Hakata Sennen-mon : A beautiful gate built in 2014. Not only the gate itself but also the pavement you see after entering the gate is beautiful! From this spot, you will visit historic places! 
・Joten-ji : A temple that has a beautiful garden with greenery on white sand. It has different kinds of beauty according to the season. It is said to be the original place of many Japanese foods. 
・Tochoji Temple: A temple that has a long history with a spacious premise and deep red five-storied pagoda. The breathtaking Buddhist image is also worth visiting! 
・Maiyu no Yakata : It’s time to end your wonderful tour. Return the kimono you wore through the whole tour here.


・The tour begins and ends in different locations. If you would like to change the location of where the tour ends, please consult with your tour guide.
・We have not included any particular lunch/dinner places in this tour, but you are welcome to stop for a break and eat at resting spots.

Safety Measures

Expenses Not Included

The travel expense is not included in the tour fee. Please bring extra money to experience this tour to its fullest.
(Entrance fees, transportation fees, activity fees, etc. - at least about JPY1,000 /person)

Meeting Point

In front of the North gate on the Nishitetsu Fukuoka(Tenjin) Station. The square that got off the escalator

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