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Fukuoka | 7.0h
An Island Heaven of Cats. More Cats than Humans in Ainoshima

A relaxing island where time flows, enjoy the ruins and seafood too!

For all the cat lovers out there! A small island, Ainoshima, only 20 minutes by boat from Fukuoka.
Left? Right? Wherever you look, there are said to be more cats here than humans. Black cats with beautiful fur, timid cute cats and small kittens, you name it, many types live here with the locals.
These cats are very friendly, if you're lucky they will come and play. But be careful not to annoy them too much!

Other sites are also here, a facility received from Korea over several hundred years ago and a strange ruin piled with stones. After travelling around the island, taste the delicious seafood! A tour to embrace the flowing time, cats and nature!


・See beautiful cats, small kittens, wild cats and more!
・Visit the site where foreign missions where recieved over 400 years ago, learn about Japan's diplomacy of that time.
・Visit Ishizuka, a mysterious ruin from over 1000 years ago. See with your own eyes, the mysterious landscape opening up infront of you.


・Shingu Ferry Waiting Room: It's a time to visit full of cat island "Ainoshima". Only 20 min ferry travel, but you can feel a great sea breeze.
・Wakamiya Shrine: When you landed Ainoshima, many cats would be waiting for you if you are lucky enough. The ferry port is also known as one of the fishing spots, so many cats often come down to the port for fishing. At this shrine, it is a good idea to pray for your safe travel.
・Jingu Temple: Heading the temple to know the history of Ainoshima by walking seaside. This island was known as a place to entertain visitors from abroad.
・Fishing Habor Area: Walk down to the other side of this island. Fishing is one of the famous activity in ・・・・Ainoshima, you may try fishing activity with locals?!
・Ainoshima Tsumiishidzukagun: This is such a mysterious place where a massive amount of stones are gathered.
Actually, this place was used as a grave in 1,000 years ago, known as "Ishizduka". You can also see a strange stone called Megane-Iwa (means stones looked like a glass)"
・Restaurant Maruyama: It's lunch time! Enjoy a seafood meal all came from local.
Island Station Ainoshima: This is a souvenir shop, you can find Ainoshima original goods and cats goods!
・Ainoshima Ferry Port: It is time to leave this lovely island. Get on to the Ferry and say bye to the cats.


・Please wear comfortable clothing as you will be walking a lot
・Lunch (dinner) is included
・A spot "Ainoshima Tsumiishizukagun" does not allow a wheelchair user to entry due to its safety reason. If you are with a wheelchair user, the tour route would be changed.
・If the boat to Ainoshima is cancelled due to weather conditions on the day of your tour, we will make drastic changes to the tour plan. Please see the following link to get an idea of what your alternate tour will be like, as it will be a customized version of the tour on this link.
【[Certified by Fukuoka] Experience the world of Hakata Traditional Craftwork】

Expenses Not Included

The following expenses are not included in the tour fee. Please bring extra money to experience this tour to its fullest.
-Travel expenses and entrance fees (about JPY 3000)
-Money for food, souvenirs and extra activities not mentioned in the explanation of the tour above.

Meeting Point

JR Hakata Station infront of Central Exit

*Meeting Point is not Shinkansen Central Gate.

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