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Fukuoka | 5.5h
A cycling tour in the great nature of Itoshima, Fukuoka!

Cycling, seafood BBQ, visiting knick-knack shops, and more!

Itoshima is a very popular area you reach in an hour from Fukuoka city. You will cycle around Itoshima and visit the must-see spots on this tour!
 You will first cycle through serene rice fields and a river, which takes you gradually to the ocean! There is a BBQ spot near the ocean where you can have fresh local seafood! 
 After you get full, your otomo guide will show you the art of nature: a unique-shaped rock island and a natural tunnel made from wood! No doubt you will be surprised by the solemness of nature!
 You will also stop by a fashionable knick-knack shop and a café on the way.
 Don’t forget to book your tour to cycle through the great nature of Itoshima with your otomo guide!


・ You can cycle while enjoying the spectacular views of the mountains and the idyllic rural scenery.
・ You can take a boat to explore the spectacular view of the sea and the mysterious cave designated as one of the three major caves in Japan.
・ You can enjoy fresh seafood such as oysters, scallops, and shrimp at the barbecue shop.


・Itoshima City Tourist Association: Rent a bicycle and start the tour from here! Electrically assisted bicycles are available for easy climbing on slopes. You can also rent a high-grade cross bike.
・Hakoshima Shrine: A shrine that was praised as a fairy tale Ryugu Castle in the old days because of its floating appearance surrounded by the sea. It enshrines the god of love and has recently become a popular power spot for fulfilling romance.
・Kano soy sauce&miso brewing: A shop that continues to make fermented foods such as soy sauce and miso since its founding in 1889. It is a unique brewery that keeps traditional manufacturing methods and develops new products. 
・Daikokumaru: Let's take a break here when we are tired from biking. You can bake and eat locally caught seafood on the spot. Besides seafood, there are various menus available.
・Keyaoto: Once you get off the bicycle and board the boat. You can see the beautiful seascape and can explore the mysterious cave selected as one of Japan's Three Great Cave. An island shaped like a pile of pillars is a mystery of nature that humans can never make.
・Kuroiso (Black stones) Coast: As the name implies, it is a coast lined with black stones. It is a popular spot where you can enjoy the power of the rugged nature, as you can feel the force of the waves that created the unique terrain of the main gate of that town.
・Totoro Forest in Itoshima: A natural tunnel created by trees is reminiscent of the Ghibli movie "Totoro". The magnificent view of the sea spreads out through the tunnel.
・Keya Observatory Deck: An observatory overlooking the sea. You can enjoy the beautiful sea and the uninterrupted horizon. It is located just south of the main gate, and you can enjoy a different view when you board the boat.
・ Petani coffee: The trip is almost over. This is a coffee shop that serves a coffee roasting place and a cafe space. When you order drip coffee, you decide the type of bean and the roasting condition. You can enjoy special coffee that you can not taste normally.


・ For this tour, you will drive about 25km on electrically assisted bicycles or cross bikes. We recommend that you wear comfortable clothes.
・ Be sure to bring your original passport with you to rent a bicycle.
・ Bicycle rental is on a first-come, first-served basis and the number is limited, so please arrive at the meeting place a little earlier than the tour start time.
・ In the case of rain, the route will be changed to use a bus and some routes will be changed.
・ On Tuesday, Spot Spot 9 “Petani coffee” will be closed. Also, please note that other spots may be changed to other spots in case of the temporary closure.

Safety Measures

Expenses Not Included

The travel expense is not included in the tour fee. Please bring extra money to experience this tour to its fullest.
(Entrance fees, transportation fees, activity fees, etc. - at least about JPY3,300 /person)

Meeting Point

Chikuzen-Maebaru Station, in front of ticket gate

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