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Fukuoka | 6.0h
A Harbor Town of 100 years ago! Enjoy a stroll in Mojiko.

Enjoy the western architecture and variety shops with the sea breeze

Mojikoeki is the entrance to the luxurious port. It remains as a commercial business, you can enjoy yaki-curry elegantly in a luxurious building, and also admire the architecture. However if you take an average trip, you will end up with only architecture sights. That won’t be enough! There are historical backgrounds and details to each building, galleries and stores within, railway theme parks and many more to explore! With an otomo tour guide, you’re sure to find the charm of this city!


・Elegant red and orange, western brick buildings built 600-700 years ago
・Enjoy the blue sea from the top of an apartment or bridge
・Experience the port that flourished with international trade
・Enjoyable for both adults and children. Experience a train simulation inside a retro building
・Find local gourmet and goods unique to this town


・JR Mojiko Station: This is the oldest wooden station in Kyushu. It looks like the entrance to a retro city, and has a great atmosphere. There are many attractions to see, so let’s explore with your tour guide!
・Shin Kaiun Building: A ship-based building that was built around 1930 as the headquarters of a shipping company, Currently it is a popular location for goods stores, known as a "sacred place." Find your favorite store in this retro style building♫
・Sankiro: A Japanese style, wooden 3 floor restaurant built in 1931. Learn about the culture of the restaurant, "ozashiki asobi" with the geisha in the large hall room decorated luxuriously.
・Kyushu Railway History Museum: A theme park where you can enjoy 100% the railway charm, which was created by restoring the former Kyushu Railway Company Headquarters. Experience being a Japanese railway driver on a simulator with full driving equipment and images of actual route scenery.
・Kyu Moji Mitsui Club Restaurant: A luxurious western-style building built in 1921 as a large corporate accommodation and social club. Enjoy the gourmet "Yaki-curry" in a high-class, fancy restaurant that retains the image of its time. On the second floor, find luxurious rooms that even Einstein has stayed in.
・Kyu Osaka Shosen・Mojiko Design House: This western style building features an octaganol spire and orange tiles. Currently it is an antenna shop that exhibits and sells the works of local artists. The items are unique items only to be found here.
・Blue Wing Moji (Drawbridge): A bridge that moves every hour. It is said that the first person to cross the bridge when the time comes will obtain good luck. Feel the sea breeze as you cross the bridge, and admire the beautiful scenery across the distance.
・Kyu Mojizeikan (Old Moji Customs House): A western style building made from beautiful red brick used as a customs house for over 100 years. Take a look at the blue sea from the observation deck! Admire the view that has not changed for over 100 years.
・Mojiko Retro Obeservation Deck: An observation deck at 103m, a great view outside the glass windows! Spot all the locations visited during this tour, and look over Kammonkyo and even the Sea of Japan. Depending on the time you visit, you may see the beautiful sunset in red skies and a romantic night scene set up.


・Lunch (dinner) spot is included
・Be sure to take a camera as you will be visiting many photogenic western style architectures
・""Sankiro"" is closed on Mondays. Please note other spots maybe changed if temporarily closed.

Expenses Not Included

The following expenses are not included in the tour fee. Please bring extra money to experience this tour to its fullest.
-Travel expenses and entrance fees (about JPY 1000)
-Money for food, souvenirs and extra activities not mentioned in the explanation of the tour above.

Meeting Point

JR Kokura Station 3rd Floor Exit

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