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Hokkaido | 5.5h
A Cycling Tour to Eat All of the Iconic Sapporo Foods!

A plan for those who want to try “not-for-tourist” local food!

“Delicious foods and beautiful spots” that is all that counts in a tour, isn’t it?
On this tour, you will visit restaurants that are not for tourists but popular among locals. The iconic food: fried chicken, sushi prepared with fresh seafood, “Sapporo Ramen”, and parfait after dinner, which is becoming a trend in Sapporo will make it an unforgettable delicious tour.
To visit those spots effectively, you will use a bicycle! Enjoy the scenery by bicycle and get prepared for the next meal! Don’t worry, we are prepared in the case for rainy or too cold days.
You will also visit sightseeing spots! Sounds like a plan? Don’t forget to book your yummy Sapporo tour, with your otomo guide!


・Discover many restaurants popular among locals. All the restaurants you will visit are not so-called “for tourists” but locally famous. A tour that only Otomo can plan since we deeply know Sapporo.
・Visit spotted restaurants in Sapporo effectively by bicycle. We selected a rental bicycle shop that doesn’t require troublesome procedure and don’t worry about dealing in Japanese since you are with your otomo guide!
・Enjoy also beautiful spots! We will take you to the top two sightseeing spot, Former Hokkaido Government Office Building and “Hokkaido Jingu”, in Sapporo!


・Ekichari Sapporo: You will rent your bicycle here. You will appreciate the scenery not available from public transportation. Don’t forget to bring your passport since you will need it to rent your bicycle.
・Chinese Cuisine Hotei: A famous restaurant among locals where you can have the local iconic food: Zangi, fried chicken. You will be amazed at how crispy and juicy it is, and also how big it is!
・Former Hokkaido Government Office Building: The popular sightseeing spot in Sapporo. Your Otomo guide will explain you the history of the red brick and the history of Hokkaido. The beautiful architecture with detail explanation will make it a new experience even if you have already been here!
・Toriton Sushi Maruyama: A popular sushi restaurant among locals. You will forget it is a conveyor belt sushi restaurant, supposed to be cheap and okay, because of the high quality! You will learn that fresh seafood is Hokkaido’s specialty!
・Hokkaido Shrine: A shrine that is called the guardian of Hokkaido. It is famous as a spiritual spot as well as a photogenic spot. Don’t forget to try the rice dumpling made of buckwheat flour!
・Ramen Shingen: A Ramen restaurant that always has a long line! You can choose between soy sauce soup, miso(fermented soybean paste) soup, and salt soup, which they spend more than 50 hours to prepare.
・“Parfait Coffee Sake and Sato”: The epicenter of the trend of “Shime Parfait”, to eat parfait after dinner. The parfait using many seasonal fruits contains soft serve, ice cream, and sorbet which are all homemade!


・Please don’t forget to bring your passport since you will need an ID when renting a bicycle.
・Please note that part of the tour might be changed depending on what time you will start the tour.
・Please note that you will use public transportation on rainy days and during winter. The transportation fee, in that case, would be JPY450 for the whole tour.

Expenses Not Included

The following expenses are not included in the tour fee. Please bring extra money to experience this tour to its fullest.
-Travel expenses and entrance fees (about JPY 1,000)
-Money for food, souvenirs and extra activities not mentioned in the explanation of the tour above.

Meeting Point

JR Sapporo Station in front of Nishi Midori no Madoguchi

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