Hokkaido | 4.5h
An Eat-and-Walk Tour in the Famous Gourmet Town: Otaru

Many superb dishes from sweets to Michelin star sushi restaurant!

Having flourished as a port town, Otaru has many delicious foods! Your otomo guide will take you to must-visit spots famous among locals. So this is the best tour for those who want to explore the gourmet town but don’t know which place to hit!
Let’s have as much Otaru iconic food as you can such as the locals’ favorite deep fried chicken, a Michelin star sushi, rice dumpling and traditional Japanese sweets made from beans which every local know! You will also visit a sake and beer brewery and a boiled fish paste factory!
You will also visit tourist spots like the famous Otaru Canal and historical buildings!
Don’t forget to book your tour to discover the gourmet town, Otaru!


・Eat as much as you can from chicken plates to sweets! All the spots you visit are locally famous but not regularly in travel magazines.
・Enjoy the Otaru iconic foods and spots such as the famous chicken dish and a Michelin star sushi, a boiled fish paste shop where you can visit the factory!
・Don’t miss the sweets as well! There are many famous sweets like traditional Otaru sweets, soft serve, and Otaru classic: rice dumpling.
・Visit beer and sake breweries! Try sake and beer unique to Otaru!


・Narutoya Otaru Station: A take-out restaurant famous among locals! Make sure you will try “Zangi”, juicy deep-fried chicken with a crispy texture.
・Tanaka Shuzo: A sake brewery established in 1899. You can try 10 different kinds of sake in the shop made from wood which is designated as a historic monument by the city! Find your favorite sake!
・Otaru Beer Brewery Otaru Soko No.1: A brewery where they make beer from malt, yeast, hop, and water of Otaru. Since they don’t use preservatives, you can’t drink this beer anywhere but near Otaru. You can also visit their brewery!
Otaru Narutoya Denukikoji: A deep fried chicken wing shop! The chicken wing you have here is always hot and delicious because they fry it for you after you order it!
・Kamaei: A traditional boiled fish paste shop established in 1905. They serve menus unique to this shop at the resting spot! Take a look at how experienced workers make boiled fish paste!
・Kuwataya Otaru: A shop specializing in traditional Otaru sweet which has been the locals’ favorite for a long time. They serve dumplings with thin dough like bread and many ingredients in it! They only use local wheat and beans and they have many version of dumplings!
・Amato: An café with a long history established in 1929. Their specialty is soft serve with sweet beans paste! There are many people who try soft serve for their first time at this café!
・Niikuraya: A Japanese sweet shop running since 1895. Make sure to try “Hanazono Dango”, rice dumpling in a shape of the dorsal fin of fish which is cute to see. They also serve it to go so don’t worry even if you are way too full!
・Isezushi Ekinaka: A Michelin star stand-up eating sushi restaurant! Suitable spot to finish your eat-and-walk tour!


・Make sure you are hungry since you will eat a lot on this tour.
・Please note that some spots are closed depending on the tour date.
-Sundays, Public holidays “Pan no Inomata”
-Tuesdays “Pan-jyu Kuwataya Otaru”
-Wednesdays, the first and second Tuesdays of the month “Isezushi Ekinaka”
-Thursdays “Amato”

Expenses Not Included

The following expenses are not included in the tour fee. Please bring extra money to experience this tour to its fullest.
-Money for food, souvenirs and extra activities not mentioned in the explanation of the tour above.

Meeting Point

In front of the Ticket Office near the gate of Otaru Station, JR Line

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