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【Summer Special】Jozankei: Hokkaido's nature and hot springs

Free yourself in nature! Admire the 4 seasons and make onsen egg

Jozankei is just an hour from Sapporo. It has become a popular destination for foreign tourists. Why not enjoy nature walks and hot springs in Jozankei with an otomo guide?
Nature is a definite charm of Jozankei. Your otomo guide will take you to hidden nature spots, not even the locals know. Walk alongside the river, cross the red bridge, and there a lush landscape awaits. In autumn, admire the fall leaves. Unleash yourself in the wilderness.
Next, the hot springs. This is 100% spring sourced. Take some time to relax, and take away the tiredness of today. In front of you a panoramic forest view, admire nature.
Let's go on beautiful nature and hot spring tour with an otomo guide!


・Visit the unexplored hot springs. A large panoramic view of nature awaits you. Enjoy a 100% spring sourced onsen
・Visit a hidden spot in the cave of Jozankei onsen. Enjoy the superb view whilst soaking in the negative ions
・Enjoy a foot bath whilst experiencing a tradition of a hot spring area, the making of ""onsen egg."" Onsen egg just cooked are delicious!
・ Visit two power spots of Jozankei
・Taste beautiful and unique taking local sweets


・Jozankei Shrine: The Southernmost shrine in Sapporo. It is also popular as a power spot in Jozankei
・Yukemuri Hill (Hot Waterfall): Hot spring water flows between artificial rocks, it looks like a waterfall. It creates a fantastic atmosphere, a great photo spot.
・Daikokuya Shoten: A hot spring Manju (steamed bun) shop founded in 1931. When speaking of Manju in Jozankei, this is the spot! It has a thin coating with brown sugar bean paste inside. It is even sold out at times! Taste the delicious buns here!
・Jozankei Futami Koen (Futami bridge): A park with a suspension bridge in Jozankei. You can see the great nature of Hokkaido from here. otomo rates this as the best scenic spot in Jozankei, not yet well known to many people. Let's enjoy the nature walk and soak in the relaxing atmosphere.
・Iwata Kannondo: A temple dedicated to Kannon with 33 Kannon statues lined in a row in a cave. The cave has a total length of 120m. This is another popular spot of Jozankei. It is said to bring luck on exam results, relationships & love, and business prosperity.
・Sakanoue no Monaka: This is a stylish cafe. You can enjoy the taste of western sweets inside a Japanese sweet, a unique 'Monaka.' You can also try an 'ice Monaka' made in collaboration with the new ice cream shop in Jozankei.
・Jozankei Gensen Park: A park the depicts the original scenery of when Jozankei was discovered. Experience a footbath for free, and even experience making an onsen egg. Making an onsen egg is definitely a rare chance!
・Hoheikyo Onsen: It is a 100% spring sourced hot spring. A large panoramic scenery spreads out in front of you. Let's enjoy the view of the hot spring.


・In this tour, you will take a foot bath and experience an onsen. We recommend you to bring a towel for the foot bath and onsen. Towels can also be bought during the tour. Please note the guide will not accompany you in the onsen.
・Lunch is not included, but it is possible to eat at the onsen spots
・On Tuesdays, Sakanoue Saichu is closed. If you visit on Tuesday, or any of the other tourist spots are temporarily closed we will take you to alternative locations
・We will take approximately an hour bus ride to the first spot
・Some routes will be changed in the winter

Expenses Not Included

The following expenses are not included in the tour fee. Please bring extra money to experience this tour to its fullest.
-Travel expenses and entrance fees (about JPY 3000)
-Money for food, souvenirs and extra activities not mentioned in the explanation of the tour above.

Meeting Point

JR Sapporo Station in front of Nishi Midori no Madoguchi

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