Hokkaido | 6.5h
【Winter Only】Enjoy Hot Springs and Pure Snow in Jozankei

Enjoy hot springs while watching the snow, try onsentamago and more

Jozankei is just an hour away from Sapporo, it is a popular hot spring area for tourists.
This tour visits the world of hot springs and pure white snow.
First, hot springs! Visit a unique hot spring selected by otomo out of many in Jozankei. The pure white snows open up in front of you like a forest, almost like a secret garden.
Next, a silvery white world unique to winter. Take a look at scenic spots where snow and bridge contrast beautifully and a temple amongst the snow.
Make a traditional onsentamago (an egg cooked in the hot spring) too! Onsentamago is a common item around onsens. Delicious in the cold weather!
Let's make the most of a beautiful white, winter Jozankei!


・Visit unexplored hot springs. A large panorama opening up in front of you. The rotenburo, open-air bath, lets you experience a snowy bath.
・Admire a picturesque view. Enjoy a hot onsen and the view while soaking in negative ions.
・Make a traditional onsentamago while soaking your feet in a footbath. Freshly made onsentamago are delicious!
・Visit two power spots of Jozankei.
・Taste beautiful and unique sweets here.


・Jozankei Shrine: This is the most southern temple in Sapporo and is known as a power spot in Jozankei. In winter you can see the beauitful collaboration of the shrine and snowfields. Enjoy the scenary unique to a snowy world.
・Yukemurizaka (Yunotaki): Onsen water is flowing down the artificial rocks, almost like a waterfall. In winter, the collaboration of snow and onsen creates a surreal atmosphere. A hidden photospot.
・Daikokuya Shoten: An onsen manjyu shop established in 1931. This is the spot for onsen manjyu in Jozekai! Within the brown-sugar pastry, steamy hot red-beans. A popular local spot, and even sold out at times. Taste the delicious manjyu only available in Jozankei.
・Jozankei Futami Park: This park is located in the Jozankei onsen area. The view from this park captures the amazing nature of Hokkaido. It is the best scenic spot in Jozankei. Build a snowman here and play in the snow!
・Iwato Kannondo: A solemn Kannando with 33 Kannon statues in a cave. The cave is 120m long. Along with Jozankei Jinja, this is another power spot in Jozankei. It shines light on the passing of exams, love, and a propserous business.
・Sakano ueno monaka: A stylish cafe. Taste "MONAKA" which intricates a taste of western sweets in the Japanese sweet. You can also try "Ice MONAKA," made in collaboration with a newly opened ice-cream shop in Jozankei. Take a taste of this fancy sweet only available in Jozankei.
・Jozankei Gensen Park: A park that reproduces the original landscape to when Jozankei was discovered. Experience a footbath for free. Have the rare opportunity to make an onsentamago.
・Hoheikyo Onsen: It is a natural source 100% onsen. Admire a panoramic view that opens up in front of you. A luxury experience while watching the snow in the forest. A priceless experience only possible in a snowing country. Don't miss it!


・Please wear warm clothes as it will be cold.
・You will take a foot bath and onsen during in tour. It is recommended to take a towel to dry yourself. It is possible to buy a towel during the tour. Please note your guide will not accompany you in the onsen.
・Lunch (dinner) is not included, however meals can be purchased along the way.
・”Sakanoue no saichu” is closed on Tuesdays. Please note other spots maybe changed if temporarily closed.
・It will take one hour by bus to reach the first spot from the meeting spot.
・Some routes will be changed in the summer.

Expenses Not Included

The following expenses are not included in the tour fee. Please bring extra money to experience this tour to its fullest.
-Travel expenses and entrance fees (about JPY 3,000)
-Money for food, souvenirs and extra activities not mentioned in the explanation of the tour above.

Meeting Point

JR Sapporo Station in front of Nishi Midori no Madoguchi

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