Aichi | 8.5h
Let's take cool photos on the island of art,"Sakushima"!

"Healing+Art=Happiness," a trip to find happiness on the island of art

A one day trip from Nagayo to the photogenic island of Sakushima. Here you can enjoy the beautiful mountain and seas. An island revitalized by works of art where many tourists come to take photos. This artwork is not just for glancing at, you can also become part of the artwork. This place is catchy for women who want photogenic photos, as well as men who enjoy photo taking. You can also enjoy the island's seasonal specialties and swim in the summer. Let's have a relaxing time on a natural island where there are no traffic lights nor convenience stores.


・Get on a boat to Sakushima. Let's enjoy the view of the beautiful sea. ・Step into the artwork and take cool photos ・Relax as you look at the beautiful mountains and seas. ・See the traditional black-wall only found on this island, which is almost like a work of art.


・Isshiki Sakana Hiroba: A seafood market selling fish fresh from the port. There are other snacks such as grilled shrimp and squid! Why not buy some snacks for the tour? 
・Sakushima Navi Station: Enjoy some art while waiting for a ship to Sakushima. Step into a mysterious space right near the harbor. It is a spot many people miss. 
・Sakushima Secret Base Apollo: Get on a boat and see the art on the island! First, let's go the secret base on the east end of the island. See the beautiful mountains and sees them from the window. 
・Joel: Let's have lunch at this stylish Cafe&Bar. You can eat pasta made with large clams and octopus fresh from the sea. 
・East House: Most or Second most popular artworks in Sakushima! There is an artwork in the shape of a white cube, this is a popular photogenic spot. Sit on the stairs and take cool pictures! 
・Gull Parking Lot: Artwork in the shape of 60 gulls is exhibited near the beach. Try and capture a good photo! It's not just a cute piece of art, we'll explain the deeper meaning. 
・Goat Non to Billy: Let's go see the 2 goats living freely on this island. Their names are "Non" and "Billy." Together, "Nonbilly" means relaxed in Japanese. 
・Black Wall Village: The houses surrounded by the black-walled boards were given the tagline Mikawawan no Kuroshinju, "Black of Mikawa Bay." Islanders continue to protect the traditional landscape as though it were a piece of art. 
・Nap House: This time, a black box will appear! The area is divided into 9 sections, It's up to you on how you capture the scene. Let's take amazing photos in the amazing scenery. 
・Benten Salon: Approach the port in order to return to the mainland. In the end, let's relax in the restored building of an old house. It's a place where anyone can go to relax. It is also a place to meet the islanders.


・During July-August and other holidays, transportation and tour spots may be crowded. Please be aware spots may be changed
・There are only a few buses and ships to the island per day. Please do not be late for the meeting time as it will affect your time on the island
・Please come in comfortable clothing as you will be walking a lot.
・If the ship is canceled to due bad weather conditions, the tour plan will be changed to the following:
・Tour finishing spot is different from the meeting spot. If you would like to change the finishing spot please let your guide know
・Lunch (dinner) spot is included
・'Benten Salon' is closed on Mondays. If other spots are temporarily closed changes will be made to tour plans

Expenses Not Included

The travel expense is not included in the tour fee. Please bring extra money to experience this tour to its fullest.
(Entrance fees, transportation fees, activity fees, etc. - at least about JPY4,000 /person)

Meeting Point

Meitetsu Nishio Line, Nishio Station

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