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Aichi | 6.5h
Experience "Setomono" of Seto, Pottery Representing Japan

Look, touch and buy beautiful pottery! All of this is possible here!

Japanese ceramics are popular all over the world. Seto is an area representative of ceramics, a tourist area not even the Japanese know! First, visit a museum to learn and experience Setoyaki. Here we set foot into Seto olden times where Setoyaki flourished. Don't miss the beautiful wall made in the kiln, a great photo opportunity! Explore a large kiln used in the past, choose your favorite cup to drink coffee and other activities only possible in Seto. You can also make and design your own unique plates. We will take you on a journey to discover Japanese ceramics, a unique experience only possible in Seto.


・Draw a picture on a ceramic plate! After it is fired in the kiln, it is possible to have it sent back to your home country ・Walk down the narrow paths, a beautiful atmosphere unique to "Yakimono" towns


・Setogura Museum: What is Setoyaki? How is it made? It's ok to visit without knowing! Let's learn about "yakimono" before we start walking around the city. 
・Kamagaki Street: Look at the various designs in the wall and stone wall made from used kettles. The winding path with winding slopes is an outstanding photo opportunity! ・KamagakiMuseum: This museum is a refurbished version of the "Hongyoyaki" of the Meiji period. The bathroom is decorated with beautiful tiles that are fashionable and cute that you will forget how old this is! It is a glimpse into old Japanese life. 
・Hora Hongyogama: Take a look at the kiln that is no longer used. It is evident that a lot of pottery was made in the kiln spanning over many meters. 
・Hyakusaiya: A shop where you can eat handmade soba in a small shopping street. Order a traditional meal and enjoy lunch feeling like a local. Seto Blue and White Ceramics Center: Admire the elaborate craftsmanship through the porcelain objects on display. Here you can also experience porcelain making. Try drawing your favorite design in blue. It will be sent to your home after being furnaced. 
・Shinseiki Kogeikan: A museum that exhibits the work of up-coming artists. Take a look at the craft class being held in the museum from the outside. Choose your favorite pottery glass, and enjoy a drink in the community room! 
・Maruichi Kokubushoten: After admiring the beauty of Setomono it is time to treat yourself with a souvenir to take home. There is a four floors wooden building, a long-established store of Setomono. We will also introduce you to other Setomono stores, so please choose a souvenir that you want the most!


"・Please wear comfortable clothing as you will be walking a lot
・There will be slopes and stairs along the way
・Tour finishing spot is different from the starting spot. Please let your tour guide know if you would like to change the tour finishing spot.
・Lunch (dinner) spot is included
・Kamagaki-no-Komichi Museum is closed on Wednesday. If other spots are temporarily closed, tour spots may be changed.
・It will cost 1500JPY to experience all recommended spots (Breakdown of fee: entrance fee 500JPY, lunch 700JPY, painting 300JPY)

Expenses Not Included

The travel expense is not included in the tour fee. Please bring extra money to experience this tour to its fullest.
(Entrance fees, transportation fees, activity fees, etc. - at least about JPY1,000 /person)

Meeting Point

In front of Nagoya Station Central Exit (Central North Exit)

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