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Aichi | 5.5h
A Photo Trip for Girls in the City of Inuyama

Let's wear a kimono! Enjoy heart-shaped food and vocative tablets!

On this tour, you will wear a kimono and walk in the old town of Mt. Inuyama. If you wear a colorful kimono, you might even feel like a princess? 
The old town itself where you can walk and eat is also an instragrammable spot. Inuyama is famous for its Kushi cuisine (skewers), there are several types of skewers all of which are kawaii. Looking around and enjoy Kushi tasting and enjoy eating small delicious sushi. 
The best photo spot is Atago Jinja where the cute pink heart vocative tablet and torii are connected! What kind of picture do you like to take? There are many spots to choose from, you might get lost. Let's discover a place admired by all and take kawaii photos. 


・Kimono will be rented and you will be dressed
・Eat lots of kawaii food
・Take instagrammable photos at Inuyama Shrine
・Overlook the city of Inuyama from the national treasure, Inuyama Castle
・Step into a peculiar coffee shop you would not consider visiting alone


・Inuyama Biyori; If you want to take a photogenic photo of Inuyama, it would be great to wear a kimono! Choose your favorite design, and let's get dressed! You will be able to take kawaii photos where you go.
・Iseya Sunaoroshi: Cute favorites will be served immediately. Healthy Japanese sushi is cutely shaped here! Small round sushi is touched up with various colors. Don't miss out on this!
・Showa Yokocho: The ambiance of the old Japanese town is spreading within this hall. It is almost like a festival where you can eat delicious food and enjoy yourself! Take a break and experience what life was like in the Showa period or admire posters from the past, there is so much excitement for you to see.
・Old Isobe's House: This building is an important part of the history of Inuyama. There are 5 buildings on this site. Take pictures inside the building, it is almost like photos taken in a nice studio. Take a look at the buildings made with fine detail.
・Forest Marche: Inuyama city is a photogenic city, great for walking around and tasting delicious food. Here you can taste the popular skewers. We will introduce you to small kawaii skewers. Maybe there are too many delicious skewers, you won't be able to taste them all? 
・Sankouinari Shrine: A must-see spot during a kawaii photogenic tour of Inuyama. A cute pink heart vocative tablet and torii capture women's hearts and will be released!
・Inuyama Castle: Japan's oldest wooden castle that remains from the civil war era. There are fans all over Japan! Don't miss the fighting armor and the view from the top of the castle. Be surprised by some of the castle's history.
・Pubrest: A shop where you can try Nagoya's 'morning' specialty when coffee is ordered. However, this is not just a coffee shop. It has a surprising exterior, in relation to the dimensional interior. Please enjoy this peculiar ambiance you cannot experience alone. 


・Please wear comfortable clothing as you will be walking alot
・Tour finishing spot is different to starting spot. Please contact your guide if you wish to change the finishing spot
・Lunch (dinner) spot is included
・Pubrest is closed on Mondays and Inuyama Biori is closed on Tuesdays. If other spots are temporarily closed alternative spots will be chosen
・It will cost 3,500 JPY to experience all recommended spots (Kimono Rental: 3,500 JPY)

Expenses Not Included

The following expenses are not included in the tour fee. Please bring extra money to experience this tour to its fullest.
-Travel expenses and entrance fees (about JPY 1000)
-Money for food, souvenirs and extra activities not mentioned in the explanation of the tour above.

Meeting Point

Inuyama Station Exit (Meitetsu Inuyama Line)

<How to get to Inuyama Station> 
Meitetsu Nagoya Station (Meitetsu Inuyama Line) → Inuyama Station (35 mins/550 JPY)

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