Aichi | 6.0h
Shinojima, Hikagajima: a small hidden island to relax

Take a boat around the island! Enjoy the beautiful sea and seafood!

Feel tired of sightseeing? Experience the slow-life on an island surrounded by nature. The tour starts at Kowa Station, an one hour train ride from Nagoya City or Chubu Centrair International Airport. Visit two unknown smalls islands Shinojima and Hikagajima, 20 minutes by boat from Kowa Port. Shinojima is the first spot. Eat fresh delicious fish. The largest amount of shirasu in Japan is here. Next at Kashima, there are octopus everywhere! There are objects and cute photo spots.
No lively tour spots! Take a pleasant walk around the countryside, feel the nature. Your guide will show you must-see spots on the island allowing you to visit two islands in one day!


・Take a high speed boat and visit two islands. Enjoy the view from the boat
・Shinojima and Hikagajima are both small islands that can be toured around in 1-2 hours
・See the best view of the beautiful sandy beach and sea from the hill, the same view from 1000 years ago
・The main higlight of Hikagajima is the large swing attached to a tree where you feel like you are jumping into the sea. The view from the swing is perfect, it is also a photogenic spot with the sea and sky in the background


・Uoichiba Kako Danchi: First go to Shinojima! The largest shirasu market in Japan. Enjoy the view of the fishing boats lined on the port. You can also enjoy fishing at the pond, beginners are welcome too!
・Jin: A coffee shop by the shirasu processing company. Enjoy the fresh shirasu! The true taste!
・Sunsun Beach: A sandy beach where you can sunbathe in the summer. See the calm waves and the beautiful scenary, sit down and do nothing. A precious moment. This is a great spot for travelling.
・Kahikoentenboudai: Be amazed by the superb view of the sea from the top of the hill. A beautiful scene to see a small island. It is chosen as one of the 100 best spots to see the sunset in Japan. It's beauty is praised in waka from 1000 years ago. Feel the beauty that has never changed.
・Himakajima Souvenir Shop: Arrive by boat at Higashijima, an island with octopus and puffer fish. A large octopus monument welcomes you at the port. The specialty dried octopus is in the shape of a octopus itself
・Heidi's Swing: Take a swing on a swing attached to a large tree. Feel as though you are diving into the sea, see a scenary like nothing before. It is a thrilling experience that even adults can enjoy.
・Anrakuji: An island full of octopus handled with great care, even in the temples. It is also known as "Tako Amida," a power spot in Hikagajima. Also a spot often visited by celebrities.


・Please wear confortable clothing as you will be walking a lot
・Lunch (dinner) spot is included

Expenses Not Included

The following expenses are not included in the tour fee. Please bring extra money to experience this tour to its fullest.
-Travel expenses and entrance fees (about JPY 3,000)
-Money for food, souvenirs and extra activities not mentioned in the explanation of the tour above.

Meeting Point

Meitetsu Kowa Station Ticket Gate

※How to get to Kowa Station
Depart Meitetsu Nagoya" (Meitetsu Tokoname Line・Kowa Station for Kowa Station), descend at Kowa Station (60 minutes)

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