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Gifu | 8.5h
Okuhida - For Onsen Lovers! Enjoy Nature and Secret Onsens!

Waterfalls, rivers, mountains! A ropeway to 2000m high, a superb view

Calling all onsen lovers! First-timers too! An onsen tour surrounded by nature, relax your mind and body.
Take a bus to the mountain ranges of Okuhida in Takayama City, Gifu prefecture. One of the most prominent onsen areas in Japan, many public open-air baths can be visited easily.
Catch a bus that runs every hour to visit three onsens, Hirayu, Tochio and Shinhotaka in one day! Each has very different water quality and scenery. Compare all three! You'll feel like an onsen guru!
If it's your first visit to an onsen your guide will explain to you the bathing steps.
The ropeway is also a highlight! Enjoy the magnificent view from the clouds, an altitude of 2000m! 


・Enter three different onsens all with different quality water
・Enjoy traditional Japanese onsen culture, drink spring water and enjoy saunas
・Take the ropeway to enjoy a superb view from an altitude of 2000m high


・Hirayu Great Falls: First visit a typical waterfall in the Hida region. Hirayu Great Falls has a height of 64m and a width of 6 meters, it has been selected as one of the top 100 waterfalls in Japan. The clear water from the waterfall and mossy old trees are spreading along. See and hear nature for yourself.
・ Hirayu Hot Spring: Enter the first onsen of the trip! There are about 40 springs and well in Hirayu Onsen. There are over 130 years of hot spring water in comparison to a household bathtub. There is a legend of an exhausted samurai being led by a monkey to this hot spring.
・ Tochio Hot Spring Kojin-no-yu: The next onsen is an open-air outdoor bath. This is a shared open bath on the riverside of the Kamata river. It is not surrounded by fences like ordinary onsens. This may be the only onsen where you can see both the mountain and river from the onsen.
・ Shinhotaka Ropeway: In just 30 minutes you will be 2000m high. As you make your way to the top of the mountain, your view of the village will get smaller and smaller whilst your view of nature will expand. There is a restaurant where you try Hida specialties.
・ Nakazaki Sanso Okuhida-no-yu: End your trip with an onsen. Let's experience the Japanese onsen culture, drink spring water and experience saunas. By now, you will be an onsen master! 


・Please wear comfortable clothing as you will be walking a lot
・The top of the mountain is 10℃ lower than ground level. Bring a jacket in the summer, bring winter gear in the winter
・ Routes may be changed on rainy days
・ Lunch (dinner) is not included, however, food can be purchased along the way
・ 8310 JPY is required for transportation and activity fees (Takayama and Shinhotaka 2 day free-ticket 4100 JPY. Hirayu Onsen 300 JPY, Tochio Onsen Koujin-no-yu 200 JPY, Shinhotaka round-trip ticket 2900 JPY, Nakazaki Sanso Okuhida-no-yu 800 JPY)

Expenses Not Included

The travel expense is not included in the tour fee. Please bring extra money to experience this tour to its fullest.
(Entrance fees, transportation fees, activity fees, etc. - at least about JPY8,000 /person)

Meeting Point

Takayama Station East Exit in front of the Tourist Information Center

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