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Aichi | 5.0h
See the National Treasure Inuyama Castle! Explore History!

Stroll Inuyama city, explore history! View from Tenshu is a must-see!

In the past, there were over 25,000 castles in Japan. Today there are 12 castles, 5 which are national treasures. In this plan visit National Treasure Inuyama Castle and its castle town, 30 minutes from Nagoya. A river flows behind the castle, and its appearance over a small hill attracts fans from across Japan. The castle's presence today remains from the fierce battlefield during the Warring State period, and attacks by generals.
The highlight is not only Inuyama Castle. The highway that prospered as a castle town still remains. You can discover houses and festival atmospheres at the museum and see many other things. Let's discover the Warring State Period and Inuyama Castle. 


・Enter National Treasure Inuyama Castle, explore the wooden architecture of the period
・Eat the Inuyama specialty, Dengaku, and skewers
・Visit museums to discover the history of Inuyama
・Stroll around the old castle town and feel its remains


・Atago Shrine: Before Inuyama Castle was built there was a castle called Kinoshita Castle nearby. A shrine is built where the castle was located. There is also a well where the ruins of the castle remain. It is a must-see if visiting Inuyama Castle. 
・Wakamatsuya Senichi: A Japanese style confectionery store founded 80 years ago. There are products such as seasonal confectionery and dried confectionery with a long history. On the second floor, there are displays on the history of Japanese confectionary in relation to Japanese life.
・Matsunoya: A specialty not to be missed in Inuyama, skewers! Nowadays you can eat various types of skewers but the origination is Dengaku. Let's have lunch in a traditional Dengaku store.
・Dondenkan: A museum on Inuyama Festival registered as a UNESCO heritage. See 8m high floats, and learn more about the history of Inuyama.
・Showa Yokocho: The ambiance of the old Japanese town is spreading within this hall. It is almost like a festival where you can eat delicious food and enjoy yourself! Take a break and experience what life was like in the Showa period or admire posters from the past, there is so much excitement for you to see.
・Old Horibe House: This building is an important part of the history of Inuyama. There are 5 buildings on this site. Take pictures inside the building, it is almost like photos taken in a nice studio. Take a look at the buildings made with fine detail.
・Karakuri Exhibition Hall: A feature of the Inuyama Festival. The Karakuri Doll is a large manipulated with strings expressing fine details of the movement. This is a culture unique to Japan and a rare exhibition hall where many puppets are displayed! 
・Inuyama City Cultural Assets Museum: Learn about the history of Inuyama before visiting Inuyama Castle! See the castle town of the Warring State Period, samurai culture, local culture, etc. See the diorama of the city at the time, amour used during the war, etc. 
・National Treasure Inuyama Castle: Japan's oldest wooden castle that remains from the Warring State period. It is popular for many across Japan. The battle armor and views from the top of the castle are a must-see! Although the castle was attacked three times during the Warring State Period, there is a reason why the castle remains as it is today. The surprising history will also be displayed. 


・Please wear comfortable clothing as you will be walking a lot
・Tour finishing spot is different to meeting spot. Please let your guide know if you would like to change the tour finishing spot
・Lunch (dinner) is included
・"Matsunoya" is closed on Thursdays. If other spots are temporarily closed plans will be adjusted accordingly.

Expenses Not Included

The travel expense is not included in the tour fee. Please bring extra money to experience this tour to its fullest.
(Entrance fees, transportation fees, activity fees, etc. - at least about JPY1,000 /person)

Meeting Point

Inuyama Station Exit (Meitetsu Inuyama Line)

<How to get to Inuyama Station>
Meitetsu Nagoya Station (Meitetsu Inuyama Line) → Inuyama Station (35 mins/550 JPY)

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