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Mie | 5.5h
Matsuzaka Special! Walk-in a Kimono Around the Castle Town!

Feel like a Matsuzaka Merchant! Take photos in retro architecture!

"I want to wear a kimono and explore Japan!" "I want to wear a kimono that suits me!" This is a kimono rental plan just for you. 
Matsuzaka Momen is a famous Matsuzaka, it is a stylish kimono popular in Tokyo and Edo period. 
 It has a distinctive design with indigo dye and vertical stripes. It evokes a calm aspect. It takes just 3 minutes to wear this, very simple for everyone! 
Strolling in a kimono see the traditional architecture feels like a time slip into the past. Take a photo of traditional architecture & kimono. 
Finally, let's experience making Matsuzaka Momen by making a small placement mat. See how cotton is made. There is no doubt it will be a great souvenir! 


・Wear a beautiful kimono unique to Matsuzaka
・ Visit photogenic retro Japanese houses
・ Experience making the fabric used to make kimono


・Yawataya Kimono Shop: First, let's change to Japanese clothes! Matsuzaka kimono is different from other kimonos. It was popular in Tokyo for a long time due to the striped indigo pattern. Learn the history and manners of kimono from the shopkeepers.
・Matsusaka Merchant Museum: This is an old Japanese building where kimono fits perfectly in the atmosphere. Let's take a photo as though you were a daughter/son of Matsuzaka's merchant. The guide will explain to you the furniture and object of the time, and how life was like in the past. 
・Old Hasegawa Jirobe House:Visit a more luxurious residence. The Hasegawa family is one of Matsuzaka's leading merchants. See the high level of craftsmanship in the interior. Why not take a break here? You can taste Japanese sweets and green tea.
・Gojoban Yashiki: A historic site of the samurai residences where the samurai moved in generation after generation to protect the site. Enjoy over 140 years of history, including the inconvenient living conditions in the past. 
・Matsuzaka Momen Center: After wearing Matsuzaka Momen from the Kimono, why not experience making it? Let's use the weaving machine imaging the hand weaving that took place in the past. There is no doubt this Momen will be a souvenir of your trip. You can also buy goods such as coin purses and clothes using Matsuzaka Momen. 


・ Please come in comfortable clothing as you will be walking a lot
・ Lunch (dinner) is not included. However, food can be purchased along the way
・ It will cost 4,800 JPY to experience all recommended spots (Kimono experience: 3,000 JPY, matcha, and Japanese sweets experience: 500 JPY, momen experience: 1,300 JPY)

Expenses Not Included

The travel expense is not included in the tour fee. Please bring extra money to experience this tour to its fullest.
(Entrance fees, transportation fees, activity fees, etc. - at least about JPY1000 /person)

Meeting Point

Matsuzaka Station, in front of South Exit

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