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Aichi | 6.0h
Discover The Past to The Future of Cars in Toyota City!

More than just cars! See the future of Japan in Toyota!

One hour by train from Nagoya, Toyota is famous as the "city of cars." It produces the most cars in Japan. There are many exciting attractions related to auto-vehicles in the city. In this plan, you can learn about the history of industrial development, and see what the future looks like. First visit the museum that introduces Toyota, its continuous drive of creation and fine details. In Toyota's Ecoful Town, see what the world will be 50 years on with cutting-edge technology. At Toyota Kaikan Museum see cool cars! See self-driving cars along with the latest line of cars.
This is a great tour for cars and technology lovers!


・Learn about life in the past and industry in Japan ・Experience museums exhibiting the future ・Experience the latest car technology using a simulator ・Toyota Kaikan Museum will be visited in this tour. However, please note Toyota's factories will not be visited


・Toyota City Museum of Modern Industry and Living: First learn about the history of Toyota city. Toyota was originally named Koromo. Before it became an auto tone, it was a town where the sericulture industry flourished. Why did such a city become named after the company, Toyota? Find the answer in the modern history section of the museum. 
・Toyota Ecoful Town (Pavilion): Toyota city aims for the moto, a sustainable "rich life." This is a pavilion showing the city 50 years in the future. Learn about the future of Japan's developing technology and lifestyle centered on Toyota Motor Corporation.
・Toyota Ecoful Town (House showroom): What do houses look like in the future? Houses of the future based on the aim of future houses, and companies in the cooperation of creating future houses. We aim to live a settled life with environmental consideration and tranquility with nature.
・Toyota Kaikan Museum: This is a corporate museum where you can see the latest cars! Admission is free. Learn about the latest technology such as car manufacturing technology, automatic breaks, auto-driving vehicles as well as cars on show.


・Learn about life in the past and industry in Japan
・Experience museums exhibiting the future
・Experience the latest car technology using a simulator

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