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Tokyo | 4.0h
A bike tour in the center of Tokyo

Cycle around the Imperial Palace and its surrounding area!

The Imperial Palace is located right in the center of Tokyo, on a vast piece of land, rich in nature. The historic Edo Castle once stood on this land. On this tour you will cycle around the Imperial Palace, getting a chance to enjoy both the scenery of the great metropolis and this historic structure. The route around the Imperial Palace is 6.6km, but the bikes you will be riding are electrically powered, so you will not feel too tired! You will also visit an impressive building which was built between the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century, as well as the National Diet Building. Fancy a breezy cycle around central Tokyo with your private otomo tour guide?


・Enjoy a breezy tour of Tokyo on an electric bicycle! ・Cycle the whole way around the beautiful exterior walls of the Imperial Palace, not an easy trip to make on foot. ・Make the most of your bicycle and cover a broader range of locations in the central area of Tokyo! Visit the National Diet Building and Ministry of Justice as well as the Imperial Palace.


Sky bus Tokyo ticket counter / bus stop
Buy a ticket to rent a bicycle
Cycle Port A4-03. Tokyo International Forum
Here you can rent a bicycle, this is the start of your journey!
Meiji Seimei Kan
The building was built in the Showa period (1926-1989) and is regarded as a masterpiece of the classicist style. Designated as a National Important Cultural Property, its elegant appearance is overwhelming to behold.
Hirakawa Bridge, Hirakawa-mon Gate, The Imperial Palace East Garden
Cross the Hirakawa Bridge retaining the feel of its time, and enter the Imperial Palace East Garden. Enjoy some elegant time in the park. 
The former Crafts Gallery at the National Museum of Modern Art
This is a beautiful building representing Western architecture in the Show period. It is also designated as an important asset of the country.
Chidorigafuchi Ryokudo Walkway
A road where you can feel the nature remains in Tokyo. Take photos of spectacular views! 
National Diet Building
A very important place in Japan with a wonderful white design. Don't miss this great photo opportunity!
Ministry of Justice / Red Brick Building
Aka. the red brick building. It is a beautiful building, harmonizing with the different plants of each season.
A place which has lived the change of Japanese history. Today it is a peculiar photo spot, where the old Edo period and modern time feel is intertwined.
Nijubashi / Seimon Ishibashi
The most popular tourist attraction within the Imperial Palace. Let's take a photo shot of this bridge! 


・Due to the use of electric bicycles, users of this tour are required to be over the height of 145cm. (There is no age limit)
・Please remember to bring your passport with you, as proof of identity is needed to rent a bike.
・You will need to pay by cash to rent a bike, so please remeber to bring at least 3,000 jpy with you.
・As you will be riding a bike, please come dressed in comfortable clothing, and remeber to bring a bottle of water! (You are also welcome to buy refreshments during the tour.)
・If you have a camera, we recommend you bring it on the tour as there are many photo opportunities!
・We ask for your understanding that we will only be visiting Meiji Seimei Kan and the National Diet Building to look at the buildings' exterior architecture, and will not actually be entering the buildings.

Safety Measures

Expenses Not Included

The travel expense is not included in the tour fee. Please bring extra money to experience this tour to its fullest.
(Entrance fees, transportation fees, activity fees, etc. - at least about JPY2200 /person)

Meeting Point

The Marunouchi central Exit at Tokyo Station

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