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Miyagi | 5.5h
Energy charge with a trip around power spots in Sendai!

Work, money, love luck! Visit shrines and temples to grasp fortune.

Located two hours from Tokyo by Shinkansen, Sendai is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Tohoku. There are many power spots.
otomo tour guide will take you to six power spots, from the most popular tourist spots in Sendai, Odono and Osaki Hachimangu Shrines, to the very small shrines that only the locals know.
Find work, money and love luck! This tour is not only about visiting power spots, but your otomo guide will also unravel the history of Sendai while visiting the spots.
We will stop by at a shop where you can eat Sendai specialties, Zundamochi.
Why don't you take an extra special tour around Sendai, taste sweets that only the locals know, and gain a sense of luck?


・Visit six power spots in Sendai.
・Popular spots, Zuihouden and Osaki Hachimangu Shrines, are of course included.
・We will visit niche spots that only the locals know, such as shrines that can be found in local shopping streets.
・Unravel the history of Sendai with your otomo guide.
・Take a stop for a Sendai specialty, Zundamochi.


・Zuihoden: It is a spiritual house where Sendai's father, Date Musamuneko, sleeps. It is a power spot possessing the power of work fortune. Reset your body and mind by taking in the minus ions from the cedar trees along the road, and breathe in a new mindset.
・Sakuragaokadai Jingu: A shrine where 18 gods are enshrined. It brings a fortune of protection from misfortune, better fortune, and economic fortune. It is a popular sakura viewing spot for the locals. For this reason, the 'omikuji' at this shrine is in the shape of cherry blossom.
・Osaki Hachimangu: The only shrine nominated as the national heritage in Sendai. The god of competition is here and brings about the fortune of the winner's luck. Gain the strongest power from the solemn atmosphere. The highlight of this gorgeous shrine is the black painted lacquer.
・Hikoichi: Let's take a break during the power spot tour at a Japanese sweet spot from 40 years ago. Zudanmochi, a Sendai specialty, is highly recommended. It is made from boiled edamame, seasoned with sugar and salt, with red bean and mochi. Try this specialty to discover its taste.
・Mitaki-san Fudo-in: A shrine suddenly located in a shopping street. There is a fortune for business success. Enshrined is the god of fortune, Sendaishiro, that all the locals know. If you are doing any sort of retail business or business in general, this is a must-visit place. Maybe this shrine will bring you a business fortune.
・Nonaka Jinjya: A shrine located in a shopping district! This is a shrine bringing the fortune of marriage, it will bring you happiness! This is sure to make everyone else happy too. A spot not to be found in tourist books.
・Sendai Toshogu: A very popular shrine, known as a leading power spot. Over 80,000 people visit this shrine each year. It brings to you the fortune of business prosperity and luck. Feel as the sense of solemness by just visiting this shrine with a silent atmosphere.


・Lunch spot is not included, but it is possible to eat at the rest spot.

Expenses Not Included

The following expenses are not included in the tour fee. Please bring extra money to experience this tour to its fullest.
-Travel expenses and entrance fees (about JPY 2,000)
-Money for food, souvenirs and extra activities not mentioned in the explanation of the tour above.

Meeting Point

Sendai Station Central Exit Infront of the Information Center

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