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Miyagi | 4.0h
Everything good in Sendai! Find goods in craftsmanship town!

A mix of traditional and modern design goods, look for real souvenirs

Sendai has prospered as a manufacturing town.
Traditional crafts that represent Japan, daruma and kokeshi, are famous. Recently contemporary style traditional crafts, "design goods" are seen to be increasing.
In this tour, we will visit shops selected by your otomo guide and discover the best of Sendai. Japan's traditional crafts are easily adaptable for everyday use. All of these goods are usable for many years, so your memories from Japan will last long after you return home. Let your otomo guide show you the shop perfect for you!
During this tour, you will also be able to taste Sendai's specialty such as salmon-roe kamaboko and gelato.


・We will guide you to shops not easy to be found
・There are many traditional and ""design"" goods related to Sendai and Tohoku. You can find genuine, high-quality souvenirs that cannot easily be found
・You can also taste local sweets that only the locals know
・Experience Sendai specialty, hand grilled salmon-roe kamaboko


・Antiqueshow: This is a select store with fashionable items. There is also a selection of original goods incorporating craftsmanship of the Tohoku region. The original 'Beko' is highly recommended. What is 'Beko'? Come with us to find out.
・Gelati Brillo: A popular gelato shop that you would want to eat even if there is a long queue. In addition to the traditional flavors of milk and green tea, you will find 3-5 seasonal flavors. Just taking a look at the window case will surely make you hungry. Which flavor do you want to eat?
・Nonaka Shrine: A shrine is known to be number one for marriage fortune in Sendai. It is located in the middle of a shopping district and is not to be listed in tourist books. In addition to marriage, there is a fortune for business prosperity.
・Kogensha Sendado: A general store that collects folk crafts from the whole world, not just Japan. Each item is handled with care. You will find high quality, unique products.
・Abe Kamaboko Shop: It is a store specializing in the Sendai's specialty, Sasa kamaboko. Here you can try a freshly grilled kamaboko. The freshly grilled kamaboko is crispy on the outside, and fluffy on the inside. Just one taste will surely make you wanting more! Let's enjoy this hand-grilled kamaboko together.
・ Merry Merry Christmas Land: It is a store selling original goods, as well as works of art from both Sendai and Tokyo. There are many pops and pretty items with motifs of kokeshi, a Sendai specialty. Find yourself some items which you'll love at first sight.
・Kaneiri Museum Shop 6: A store where goods from Sendai and six other north-eastern prefectures are sold. Also, there is a selection of 'high-sense' items. Why don't you pick out some souvenirs for your fashionable friend?
・Tohoku Standard Market: There are many sweets and ingredients only to be found in Sendai and Tohoku. Many rare items cannot easily be found, but here is the market worth to visit! Let's choose souvenirs for you and your friends and family.


・Lunch spot is not included
・Cost of items purchased at each store are not included

Expenses Not Included

The following expenses are not included in the tour fee. Please bring extra money to experience this tour to its fullest.
-Travel expenses and entrance fees (about JPY 1,000)
-Money for food, souvenirs and extra activities not mentioned in the explanation of the tour above.

Meeting Point

Sendai Station Central Exit, In front of information center

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