Miyagi | 7.5h
Feel the Sea Breeze in an adventurous island: Urato

Full of fun spots! Like a treasure island exploration and adventure!

A unique plan for going to and from a small island.
First, let's eat seafood bowls at one of the largest fishing ports in Japan. Once you land on the island, take a walk through the forest path. The field of view opens when you walk, and you arrive at the beach.
The beach has a large panoramic Pacific Ocean, so you can see the scenery view in which you want to take photos.
The adventure will continue! Move to the next island with a small boat. It is an amazing island with lots of cave holes everywhere!
Finally, back home with an amazingly beautiful sunset view from the boat.
You will visit such exciting islands! This is a recommended plan for those who love adventures!


・You can eat a delicious seafood bowl
・Visit 3 different islands by small boats
・You can see mysterious caves where you never know how and why it is created
・Visit the mysterious Kumano Shrine


・Marine Gate Shiogama: This is one of the biggest port in Miyagi with a great view. It is accessible from the station and you can try nice plates of seafood and buy souvenirs at this port.
・Uochotei: This is a seafood restaurant! A fish shop makes seafood bowl and other seafood-related dishes. The fish shop buys ingredients directly, so it's cheap and hearty! The shop is full of fresh seafood.
・[Katsura-shima Island] Matsuzaki Shrine: Matsuzaki Shrine is a shrine dedicated to the god of the furnace. It has been here since ancient times, and there are no documents left when it was enshrined. In the precincts, the tub trees are dense and thick, and it is as dark as day or night.
・[Katsura-shima Island] Beach: A tourist spot that represents Katsura Island. Even during the off-season, you can relax by just taking a stroll while watching the sea. In 2011 there was a large earthquake in the Tohoku area, and now a large concrete fence has been formed.
・[Katsura-shima Island] Onigahama: The best view spot in the Urato Islands. Let's occupy a beautiful scenery that only local people do not know. An elderly couple is sunbathing on a bench standing on a pot, and you will be healed by the peaceful scenery.
・ [Nono-shima Island] Kumano Shrine: At Kumano Shrine, a Shinto god called Oonamuchi is enshrined, but it is a very rare shrine where Christian deities sit in the back.
・[Nono-shima Island]: Yobaki Jizo (Jozo crying at night): Jizo crying at night as you walk down the camellia tunnel. Since the Jizo is facing north, it is also called "north-facing Jizo".


・Lunch (Dinner) venue is included
・In case the boat is not in operation due to the weather, the tour route will be changed to the other plan which is described below.
・As there are no rubbish bin, please bring back all of your rubbish
・You are not allowed to bring back flowers and animals from the island

Expenses Not Included

The following expenses are not included in the tour fee. Please bring extra money to experience this tour to its fullest.
-Travel expenses and entrance fees (about JPY 2,000)
-Money for food, souvenirs and extra activities not mentioned in the explanation of the tour above.

Meeting Point

In front of Information Desk at the central gate, Sendai Station

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