Miyagi | 5.5h
Life in Sendai, A Trip to Touch the Heart of the Japanese!

A place where a wish comes true! What kind of wish will you make?

An 80-minute bus from Mori no Miyako, Sendai. Johgi Nyorai Temple located deep in the mountain. It is a temple where the people of Tohoku want to visit once in their lifetime! It is well-known as a temple where you can receive fortune regardless of its sect. Marriage, children/a safe birth, family safety, and a thriving business have been fulfilled for many over 800 years. Now it's your turn! The highlight of this tour is the sutra experience. It is said that it is possible to earn luck from the sutra, making your wishes easier to meet.Last stop, is a 'Sankakugage' specialty! A delicious, freshly fried triangle that can only be eaten here.
Let's grant your wishes with your otomo guide.


・Pray at a famous, historical temple
・Your otomo guide will show you how to pray the traditional way and help you understand the historical background of the temple
・Experience a sutra experience
・Try the freshly fried triangle. A specialty!


・Johgi Nyorai Temple: It is said to be a place where a wish in a lifetime comes true! For 800 years it has fulfilled the wishes of many people! Experience sutra at this fortunate, historical temple. It is said that if you experience sutra at this temple, you may gain virtue. Maybe it will be you, who gets their wishes fulfilled next?
・Johgi Nyorai: A luxurious Hondo representing the world of paradise. Beautiful decorations are applied to the walls, Buddha statues, and ceilings. It's a good idea to pray for the safety of your trip to a new place.
・ Johgi Nyorai Pagoda: The tower is made of only a wooden frame without using any nails. It was hardly affected by the great earthquake and its robustness became a hot topic.
・ Johgi Tofu shop: Popular with locals and tourists alike! People come to the store for eating freshly fried triangle Tofu. Crisp outside and super soft inside! If you eat a bite, the sweetness of soy will spread in your mouth! Please enjoy freshly fried ♪


・Japanese yen coins will be required to pray at the temple. We recommend you to prepare Japanese yen coins before the commencement of the tour.
・There are many shops where electronic money and credit/cash cards cannot be used. We recommend you to prepare Japanese yen cash before the commencement of the tour.
・There is a sutra experience during the tour. Please note there may be cases where ink may touch the sleeves of your hand
・Lunch spots are not included
・We will take the bus from our meeting spot to the first spot. It is around 80 minutes by bus.

Expenses Not Included

The following expenses are not included in the tour fee. Please bring extra money to experience this tour to its fullest.
-Travel expenses and entrance fees (about JPY 2000)
-Money for food, souvenirs and extra activities not mentioned in the explanation of the tour above.

Meeting Point

Sendai Station, Central Exit, infront of information center

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