Hiroshima | 5.5h
Beginners are welcome! Cycle across the sea to the islands!

Enjoy the best part of cycling in Seto Inland, and visit tiny islands!

The Seto Inland Sea is surrounded by the mainland with quiet and small waves. Its calm, shiny surface relaxes people. Shimanami Kaido, crossing islands from the mainland, is a famous cycling course, however, it is too long for a beginner. Therefore, we will take a route which is easier for beginners and we will show you the best parts. Rent a bike at Onomichi, Hiroshima, and cross to Mukaishima and visit small shrines floating in the sea. Next, we will visit Innoshima. Cross the 1270m bridge, eat the island's famous Hassaku Daifuku, and visit the observatory with a gorgeous 360-degree view of the ocean! We will take a ferry back to the starting point so don't worry if you get tired♪


・The blue sky and calm, beautiful, clear ocean! Enjoy cycling at the best locations! ・You will take a slightly different path from Shimanami Kaido, and also visit the small islands on our otomo route. You can easily go around the islands so take your time and enjoy cycling along the ocean♪


・Onomichi Port (Ekimae Kowan Parking): Rent your bike and let's start our trip! There are road bikes for those with stamina and electric-assisted bikes for those who need help climbing up hills! Pick your favorite bike and first head to the neighboring "Mukaishima".
・Iwashijima(Itsukushima Shrine): Shimanami Kaido begins after you get to Innoshima. Are you interested in stopping by a small island (which most people pass by) and look at the scenery that no one knows about?
Visit Iwashijima's small shrine along the ocean and enjoy the gorgeous view all to yourself.
・Innoshima Ohashi: A beautiful 1270m long suspension bridge. The impact of it getting closer and closer is magnificent! The bridge has separate lanes for pedestrians and cyclists for everyone to cross safely.
・Ohama Parking Area Highway Shop: Let's have special products such as Onomichi ramen and curry using the island's famous "hassaku" (a specific type of orange) for lunch! You can of course purchase as a souvenir!
・Hasakuya: Their daifuku (sweet rice cake) with a whole Hassaku (a citrus fruit that is the island's specialty) inside is popular! You can take a break at the best spot for viewing Innoshima Ohashi as you enjoy eating the daifuku!
・Mt. Shirataki Observatory Platform: This is where we start climbing the mountain! At the top, you will find a group of 500 arhats and an observatory platform. You can look over the ocean 360 degrees as you stand at the top of the observatory!
If you come at sunset, the view is even better! You may not want to go back!
・Innoshima Flower Center: A flower park which we will drop by on the way back to the port. There are always flowers in season, and you can enjoy looking at them as well as the view of the ocean.
・Shigei East Port (Ferry): You did it! We are finally at our last spot! We will take the ferry back to Onomichi so there is nothing to worry about even if you have spent all your energy biking. Take your time on the ferry and rest your body.


・Please do not forget to bring your passport as you will need your ID to rent a bike.
・Please wear comfortable clothing as you will be biking.
・If it's rainy on the tour date, your tour routes/spots will be changed to the following plan.
・The tour begins and ends in different locations. If you would like to change the location of where the tour ends, please consult with your tour guide.
・We have not included any particular lunch/dinner places on this tour, but you are welcome to stop for a break and eat whenever and wherever you like.
・"Hasakuya" is closed on Mondays and if any of the scheduled places are closed on the day you visit, your tour guide will take you to an alternate location.

Expenses Not Included

The travel expense is not included in the tour fee. Please bring extra money to experience this tour to its fullest.
(Entrance fees, transportation fees, activity fees, etc. - at least about JPY3,200 /person)

Meeting Point

At the Ticket exit of Onomichi station

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