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Hokkaido | 9.0h
[Summer Only] Walk on Green Carpet! Hokkaido Local Tour

Enjoy a Yubari King, cantaloupe cultivar, and a great hot spring!

Yubari City, a city that can be reached by bus from Sapporo in about 1.5h, has plenty of lush nature. It once flourished as a coal mine city that supported the economy of Hokkaido.
On this tour, you will enjoy a walk of about 4 km while enjoying the beautiful nature.
Besides, you will visit Yubari's unique spots such as the railway bridge and the coal mine museum during the tour.
Of course, we also have local food. Enjoy not only Yubari melon but also local gourmet curry soba!
At the end of the tour, you will also enter a hot spring that is unique to Japan.
Why do not you walk on a green carpet while enjoying the stomach full of delicious air of nature?


・ Visit Yubari, a city that is not well-known to international tourists.
・ Enjoy the beautiful nature of Yubari. You can feel like walking on a green carpet.
・ Only in Yubari! You can walk right next to the tracks of the train.
・ Visit Japan's largest coal museum. You can also walk through the mock tunnel in Japan. 
・You can eat Yubari's soul food “curry soba”.
・In addition to melon bread and melon juice, you can also enjoy Yubari, a unique otomo guide that knows everything about the local area, such as the secret viewpoint.
・ Smooth your skin at Mall Hot Springs!


・Cafe Terrace Lira: A selection of delicious homemade bread! Yubari King Bread is the most famous one, which uses plenty of juice from the Melon. When you eat a bite, the sweet aroma of Yubari King spreads in your mouth.
・Yubari double track bridge: These are the traces of the train bridge that supported the city of Yubari, a coal mine town. There is a sorrow that can not be said from its appearance suddenly in the lush nature. Nostalgic scenery makes you to take photos!
・ Yubari King market: This is Yubari! This is a seasonal shop that opens only during the Yubari King harvest season. Enjoy the sweetness and mellow scent overflowing from the orange pulp!
・ Kinema Street: Lots of old-fashioned star signs such as Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe! Let's find one favorite. On the way, you will walk around the Showa retro streets. Let's enjoy walking around the city while feeling a little nostalgic ♪
・ Soba restaurant Yoshinoya: Hokkaido's soul food which you definitely want to eat after coming to Yubari! Curry soba at a popular soba shop. There is no doubt that your stomach will be filled with a smile.
・ City park with flowers and green in Yubari: Yubari is full of beautiful nature full of greenery! Take a break after eating on a green carpet. On the way to the park, the otomo guide will also introduce you to the mysterious scenic spots.
・ Yubari Shrine: A shrine where the gods who protect Yubari city are enshrined. It is said that there are benefits for industrial promotion, water rescue, marine, traffic safety, and academic achievement. What do you do in a solemn atmosphere?
・ Yubari Coal Mine Museum: Only in Japan! It is a museum where you can experience walking on a mock tunnel. Not only how to excavate coal, but also how people's lifestyles were displayed at the time. As the otomo tour guide will come with you, the understanding level goes up better than going individually♪
・ Racey's Natural Hot Spring: Hot spring experience at the end! Let's heal the tiredness of the tour. How about an open-air bath while enjoying the beautiful nature of Yubari?


・This tour is only from May to October. Yubari King is best between May to August.
・You will use a bus from the meeting location to the first spot which takes approximately 1.5 hours.
・You MUST need to get on the bus at AM 09:15. In case you miss the bus for any reason, we will not be able to operate this tour.
・Please wear comfortable clothes as you will walk a lot
・This tour includes a lunch spot
・ The spot “Soba restaurant Yoshinoya” will be closed on Monday. Please note that other spots may also be changed to other spots in case of the temporary closure.
・ At the time of payment, there are spots where only credit cards and IC cards cannot be used and only cash is used. It is recommended that you join the tour with cash in Japanese yen to enjoy the tour.
・ In this tour, you will experience a hot spring at the end. We recommend preparing the towels. You can rent towels at the hot spring. (A rental fee will be charged.) "

Expenses Not Included

The travel expense is not included in the tour fee. Please bring extra money to experience this tour to its fullest.
(Entrance fees, transportation fees, activity fees, etc. - at least about JPY4,000 /person)

Meeting Point

JR Sapporo Station in front of West Ticket Office

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