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Hiroshima | 5.5h
"Onomichi 7-Temple Tour" to procure your luck!

Collect stamps from 7 temples and enjoy the scenery in Onomichi!

Onomichi is a hilly, prospering port city in Hiroshima surrounded by the ocean and mountains, and is popular for its retro aspects. It is also known as a city of temples. You will visit 7 temples with beautiful scenery which you can see from the top of the hill.
You will then find yourself energized after the tour as you will be blessed for luck, long life, education and more! otomo guide will introduce how to pray at the temples and collect Goshuin, which is a unique stamp provided by each temple, from the temples. You will also visit Onomichi's gorgeous scenic sites. Islands floating in the ocean called Tatobi (the beauty of multiple islands) is a special view. Let's go on a trip to catch good luck with otomo guide!


・We will visit 7 temples. Each of them have different blessings; therefore, you will be blessed with a lot of luck!
・You can try collecting goshuin which has recently become a popular activity in Japan. Goshuin is given out as a proof of pilgrimage that you have visited the temples and shrines. It is a piece of paper or booklet that each temple or shrine stamp with black writing and a red stamp. Collecting the majestic, sacred, and cool looking goshuins are the best cultural experience in Japan! You will get a special gift after you have collected all 7 goshuins.
・You can try making your own Juzu (rosary) from power stones.
・We will visit a popular viewing site where you can see the gorgeous view across the Seto Inland Sea.


・Jikouji Temple: Let's start by climbing the hill from the shopping district! You will find a temple at the top. This is the beginning of collecting Goshuins and bracelets!
・Tenneiji Temple: You can pray for health at this temple. It is worth seeing statues of the group of 500 arhats nearly reaching the ceiling. Every single one has a different face.
Do not forget to check out the drawing on the ceiling.
・Senkoji Temple: We will be climbing more stairs and heading to the temple at the top of the mountain! You will enjoy looking at various sites, such as the Red Hall and Tuzumi rock (a rock which makes a sound of a drum when it is hit), and learning an unusual method of worshipping. It is a popular spot for visitors to Onomichi.
・Senkoji Park's Observatory Deck: You are almost at the top of the mountain! The fabulous view, found only in the Seto Inland Sea, of many islands floating in the calm ocean which makes them look like mountains! Your breath will be taken away while looking at the scenery: Onomichi bridge, ocean-going ships, and houses on the hills. Let's have lunch while looking at the beautiful scenery.
・Taisanji Temple: A must-visit power spot if you have a wish. After you finish worshipping, try picking up the Jizo (a guardian deity of children made from stone). It is been told that if it feels light, your wish will come true but if it feels heavy, your wish won't come true. Please try!
・Saikokuji Temple: A temple dedicated to the guardian of strong legs as shown in the symbol of big straw slippers at the Niomon Gate.
People visit this temple to pray for healthy legs; therefore, offer a straw slipper, and your feet will take you anywhere you would like to go!
・Jodoji Temple: After going past the beautiful view on the Sunset Path, you will arrive at the gorgeous red main hall. Don't forget to look at the Two-Storied Multi-treasure Pagoda which is one of Japan's top 3 pagodas and a national treasure. 
・Kairyuji Temple: We are at the last temple of the "7-Temple tour"! For those who have collected all the Goshuins from the temples will receive a "Fulfillment of your dreams" stamp and also get a present that will make the Goshuins into a wall scroll!


・Please wear comfortable clothing as this tour involves a lot of walking.
・This tour includes a lunch/dinner venue.
・There will be a lot of walking up hills and stairs. Please be aware that there are venues that you will not be able to go to if you are not comfortable walking long distances, or use a wheelchair. Your tour guide will take you to an alternate location if this is the case.
・You will need a total of 2600 JPY if you try all of the recommended activities.
(【Breakdown】 Collecting goshuins from all 7 temples: 2600 JPY)

Expenses Not Included

The travel expense is not included in the tour fee. Please bring extra money to experience this tour to its fullest.
(Entrance fees, transportation fees, activity fees, etc. - at least about JPY1,000 /person)

Meeting Point

At the Ticket exit of Onomichi station

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