Tokyo | 3.5h
Tsukiji Must-Sees, Fresh Seafood that can only be eaten Here

Eat around Tsukiji with lots of shops! Let's taste Japanese foods!

The Tsukiji Fish Market is a well-known tourist destination.
There is no doubt that tension will rise in the market where there are a lot of people and a variety of shops for a meal that everyone can satisfy.
Even with the opening of Toyosu Market as a new attraction, there are 400 stores in Tsukiji Market, and you can enjoy cheap and delicious sushi and seafood bowls!
Since it is a market dealing with seafood, people tend to focus on seafood, but kitchenware, fried eggs, and coffee are also secretly popular. Let's visit this opportunity.
This is the definitive version of the Tsukiji Food Tour, where you can take a look around the hard-to-find places even if you are alone!


・ You will visit a modern temple of Western architecture that can only be seen in Tsukiji. This temple, which was the origin of Tsukiji, is a masterpiece.
・ You can enjoy sushi, omelet, Satsuma-age (fried minced fish), croquette and tuna, and delicious Japanese food that can only be eaten in Tsukiji. 


・ Tsukiji Honganji Temple: The modern and majestic temple, which incorporates many Western architectural techniques. The architectural styles differ from those of conventional temples!
・ Tsukiji Outer Market (Uogashi): This is a fresh fish market that opened in 2016 to preserve the liveliness of the Tsukiji Market. A total of 60 stores handling seafood, fruits, and vegetables are housed in two buildings. 
Besides, there is an open terrace on the 3rd floor, so you can see the "outside market" in front of the facility from above.
・ Yamacho Tsukiji: This is an omelet shop that cooks an omelet like a hotel buffet performance. They will cook right in front of you!
・ Hamato: At the shop of processed seafood,you can try minced seafood displayed in the store's showcase. Enjoy fresh skewers that can only be eaten here.
・ Yoshizawa Shoten: A butcher shop specializing in Japanese beef that is perfect for people who want to eat meat. Let's enjoy the delicious fresh croquette made with plenty of Japanese beef.
・ Sanokiya: You may know Taiyaki. This is Obanyaki shop (Obanyaki is Japanese pancakes filled with fillings such as red bean paste and sweet custard cream). You can eat tuna pancakes here! Let's enjoy Japanese-style sweets.
・ Sushi Dai: A sushi restaurant where you can enjoy sushi using fresh ingredients directly from the Tsukiji market.
End your tour with a delicious and reasonably priced selection of delicious sushi food.


・Please wear comfortable clothes as you will walk a lot.
・The tour end location will differ from the starting location. If you would like to change the end location, please consult with your tour guide.

Expenses Not Included

The travel expense is not included in the tour fee. Please bring extra money to experience this tour to its fullest.
(Entrance fees, transportation fees, activity fees, etc. - at least about JPY1,100 /person)

Meeting Point

Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line "Tsukiji Station" Exit 1

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