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Hiroshima | 6.0h
Go Around the Town where the Battleship was Built, Kure!

Impressed by the battleships and submarines you see up close!

Kure City in Hiroshima is famous as a town for ships.
This tour will take you to many spots on the ship and introduce all the highlights of Kure.
In Kure, the world's largest battleship Yamato, which is one of the most popular battleships, was built during WWII. 
You can see ships and submarines anchored at the port, and you can take a battleship cruise to enjoy the scenery that can only be seen in Kure!
You can also get inside the giant submarine that was actually used! 
You can even take a lunch: "Navy Curry" in the submarine.
Whether you are a ship lover or want to think about war and peace, visit Kure!


・The 1/10 size Battleship Yamato at the Yamato Museum has been completely reproduced in detail. It is a memory of the war, and its shipbuilding technology is said to have contributed greatly to post-war reconstruction.
・ The huge submarine actually used during the war is on land and used as a museum. You can enter the submarine and experience the narrowness inside.
・ On a ship cruise, you can see a surprising number of ships, such as submarines, shipyards, tankers, and cargo ships. 


・Irifuneyama Memorial Museum: This is a luxurious building consisting of a Western-style building and a Japanese-style building, which used to be the official residence of an important officer of the former Navy. There is also an exhibition where you can learn about the history of Kure as well as see their life.
・Rekishi no Mieru Hill (Historic Hill): When you are walking along the sea, you will come across hills in which you can overlook the port of Kure. Kure's city can be seen from the top, including the huge roof where the old Navy was building battleships.
・Alley Karasu-Kojima: This is the only park in Japan where you can watch submarines up close. The number of submarines changes depending on the day, so it is lucky to see many stops!
・Minatomachi Coffee: Curry is a popular lunch of the Navy! There are more than 20 curry shops in Kure. Each store offers a curry with the name of the ship and reproduces the recipe that was different for each ship. Above all, this store is where you can eat the soft beef curry specially made for the submarine "Kuroshio", which has a reputation for being delicious!
・ Yamato Museum: This is a museum where you can know everything about the huge battleship “Yamato”. The 1/10 battleship "Yamato" has been recreated with great attention to detail and is worth seeing!
・ Battleship Cruise: Take a cruise to see the port of Kure! You can learn about the battleships that are anchored on the day. 
・The Iron Whale: You can enter the actual submarine! Seeing the submarine maneuvering and the crew's life can be a challenging experience.


・Please wear comfortable clothing as this tour involves a lot of walking.
・Lunch/dinner venue is included.
・In the case of rain, some of the spots will be changed.
・The tour finish location will be different from the starting location. If you want to change the tour finish location, please consult with your tour guide.

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Expenses Not Included

The travel expense is not included in the tour fee. Please bring extra money to experience this tour to its fullest.
(Entrance fees, transportation fees, activity fees, etc. - at least about JPY2,000 /person)

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JR Kure station ticket gate

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