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Tokyo | 4.0h
This is Asakusa! A Tour Includes the All Must-Sees!

A town with tradition and the must-see spots in the Asakusa!

Asakusa is one of Japan's most iconic and popular spots for tourists from all over the country and abroad. There are a giant red lantern, the large and beautiful temples/shrines, and the traditional culture.
Asakusa has been developing since Sensoji Temple was built in the 7th century. The town grew to accommodate many worshippers, and the area around the temple is filled with restaurants and stores. After the Edo period, the area developed as a place to maintain Japanese culture.
Today, Asakusa remains the facilities, shops, and of course its culture. Our tour guide will introduce all the attractions of Asakusa!


・ You can take pictures with the landmark of Asakusa, the Great Lantern, in the background.
・You can stroll through the streets lined with old buildings and learn about the history of Asakusa.
・From the observation terrace, you can see the whole town of Asakusa.
・Stroll through the Kappabashi Shopping Street (a shop district).
・You can walk right underneath the Sky Tree (the tallest tower in Japan).


Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center
Here is more than just a tourist center. The observation terrace on the top floor overlooking the Asakusa city is one of the amazing spots. It's the only place in Asakusa where you can see the city from the top of the building.
The Kaminarimon is a large gate with a huge red lantern hanging from the top, which is the symbol of Asakusa. It is a symbolic icon of Japan's tourism and can be seen in many places. There are always a lot of people in front of Kaminarimon and it's a very popular spot for photography. If you've come to Japan, take a look at and take a picture!
Nakamise Shopping Street
Walk through Asakusa's most busy shopping street, Nakamise Shopping Street. You can buy souvenirs such as Ninja/Geisha-related goods, kimonos, etc., and try some of Asakusa's famous local foods!
Hozomon Gate (Sensoji Temple)
This is a gate that keeps all the Sensoji temple's treasures. Be sure to check out the powerful statues of Kongou-rikishi at the gate. The combination of the Hozomon Gate and the five-storied pagoda is a great place to see and take a photo.
Sensoji Temple
This is the oldest temple in Tokyo, built in the 7th century. Asakusa has continued to grow and develop around the temple, and it's still the same today. It's a fascinating place to visit. It is also full of unique Japanese cultural experiences, such as Omikuji (fortune paper) and Omamori (amulets).
Asakusa Shrine
This shrine is famous for one of the three major Japanese festivals in Tokyo: Sanja Matsuri. Shrines and temples are different religious institutions, but the Asakusa Shrine has a strong connection to Sensoji Temple. Enjoy the story of Sensoji and the Asakusa Shrine!
Asakusa Kingyo
Goldfish scooping is a classic summer festival activity, but at this shop you can enjoy this activity all year round. Try to scoop as many beautiful little goldfish as possible into your bowl, before your net breaks! The shop is also filled with goldfish related souvenirs.
Denpo-in street
The street is full of old buildings with unique specialty shops and has a different feel from the modern world. You can enjoy just walking around with the stories of Asakusa, where the Japanese culture bloomed.
Hoppy Street
The street with lots of restaurants, outdoor tables, and reasonably priced drinks. There are a lot of tourists walking along the street to enjoy the atmosphere. Many locals come here to enjoy a glass of sake and a snack.
Kappabashi Dogugai
This is a shopping district with many specialty shops selling knives, tableware, and other kitchen tools. It's a popular tourist spot where you can get professional kitchen knives and food samples, which are becoming more and more popular in Japanese culture. You'll find high-quality products made by craftsmen and a great souvenir!
Tokyo Sky Tree (outside)
It is the tallest building in Japan at 634 meters opened in 2012 (and known as the tallest tower in the world). There are a mall, aquarium, and office buildings around the tower. This tour will take you to the Sky Arena on the 4th floor for a spectacular view of the Sky Tree.


・The tour ending location will differ from the starting location. If you would like to change the ending location, please consult with your tour guide.
・This tour does not include the Sky Tree entrance fee.

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The travel expense is not included in the tour fee. Please bring extra money to experience this tour to its fullest.
(Entrance fees, transportation fees, activity fees, etc. - at least about JPY700 /person)

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Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, Asakusa Station (G19) Exit 1

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