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Nagasaki | 5.5h
Takashima Cycling Tour to Feel and Explore the Great Nature

Nature, foods, panorama, enjoy the island where time flows slowly!

Have you ever heard of Takashima, an island that once prospered from coal mining?
Takashima is an inhabited island with a rich natural environment floating on the ocean about 14.5 kilometers southwest of Nagasaki Port. The best part of Takashima is the natural beauty of the island!
On this tour, you will ride a power-assisted bicycle around the island of Takashima, where you can feel the history and nature. During the tour, you may see cats, which are said to outnumber the islanders.
The island's local cuisine is also a must-try. Have a filling lunch at the only stylish cafe on the island! After returning from the island, we will take you to a spot overlooking the beautiful Nagasaki Port. 


・You can take a high-speed boat and see the spectacular view of Nagasaki from the sea.
・You can enjoy cycling in great nature.
・You can see wild cats while cycling around the island.
・You can take pictures of the blue sea and Gunkanjima up close.
・You can enjoy a local gourmet lunch on the island.


・The Nagasaki Port Terminal:
This is the gateway to the sea in Nagasaki. The terminal has a ticket office, waiting room, and a souvenir store. From here you can take a boat to Takashima! It's about a 30-minute boat ride via Ioujima.
・Takashima Port Terminal:
When you arrive in Takashima, you will see a white building. This is the gateway to Takashima. Inside the terminal, there is a waiting room and a store where you can buy lunch boxes and other snacks. This is where you can rent an electric bicycle to get around the island!
・Takashima Coal Museum, Yataro Iwasaki Statue:
This museum displays trolleys, coal cars, coal mining equipment, and other items that were used both inside and outside the mines when Takashima Coal Mine was in operation. Here you can learn about the history of coal mining in Takashima and how the island used to be.
・Coal Mine Hokkei Pit:
This mine is known as Japan's first mine which was used steam-powered equipment for mining.
It was operated from 1868 to 1876 until it's abandoned due to the inflow of seawater.
The site was registered as a World Heritage Site in 2015 as it shows the early stages of the introduction of modern Western coal mining technology.
・Thomas Glover's Second House site:
This is the site of the residence of Thomas Glover, a trader who lived here until 1873.
 It was built for the development of the Takashima coal mine and was used as a guest house for Mitsubishi Takashima Kogyosho, but was torn down around 1948 due to its decrepitude.
Today, you can see the remains of the building.
・Gunkanjima Viewing Hill:
 A small hill located on the south side of the island. 
From here, you can see Hashima Island (Gunkanjima: Battleship Island) across the neighboring Nakanoshima Island.
A beautiful view awaits you at the top of the long, winding climb!
This is the only café on the island where you can taste local gourmet food.
The owner was fell in love with the charm of Takashima and moved to the island. 
He has created a stylish café in a renovated former maintenance factory in Takashima Town.
・Oura Church:
The oldest surviving church in Japan was built for international residents. The church is also registered as a national treasure.
・Glover Garden:
This is a relocated and restored Western-style building from the Meiji era, which has been designated as a National Important Cultural Property. 
After strolling around the park with its beautiful Western-style buildings, take a break and enjoy the view from the hill.
・Nagasaki Seaside Park:
This park was established in 2003 in the inner harbor area facing Nagasaki Port. A canal runs through the park, making it a popular place for people to relax and enjoy the water and greenery. The light reflecting off the sea creates a romantic atmosphere as you stroll through the park on your way to Nagasaki Station.


・If it rains on the day of the tour, the tour content will be changed.
・The tour ending location will differ from the starting location. If you would like to the ending location, please consult with your guide.
・This tour is not suitable for children who cannot ride bicycles or wheelchair users.

Safety Measures

Expenses Not Included

The travel expense is not included in the tour fee. Please bring extra money to experience this tour to its fullest.
(Entrance fees, transportation fees, activity fees, etc. - at least about JPY5,700 /person)

Meeting Point

Nagasaki Port Building, in front of the entrance

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