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Hyogo | 6.0h
[Only Mar-Nov] Enjoy a spectacular view of nature at Mt.Rokko!

A peaceful time with harmony of nature and people's history for you.

"Mt. Rokko" is not far from Kobe city center and is loved by citizens and tourists as a spot where they can easily enjoy nature. 
In this tour, we will visit "Mt. Rokko," which has a fashionable atmosphere that has become a tourist attraction, and "Mt. Maya," which is loved by the locals, and introduce the highlights of each.
Mt. Rokko has been close to human habitation areas since ancient times, and as a result of deforestation for various purposes, it existed as a devastated mountain. 

You will first visit Mt. Maya via ropeway and cablecar to "Kikuseidai" where you can enjoy a spectacular view. After spending some quiet time at an ancient temple with a history of over 1300 years, we will take a bus to Mount Rokko, where we will enjoy lunch at the observatory cafe. Afterward, we will take a walk around Mt. Rokko, overlooking the spectacular view from the top of the mountain.
Let's go on a journey to learn about the history hidden in the mountains of Kobe and experience the beauty of nature.


・You can see a wonderful view from Kobe to Osaka.
・You can spend a quiet time at an old temple with a long history.
・You can have lunch at the top of the mountain where you can look down on the city of Kobe.
・You can see the seasonal art of light at the observatory made of cypress.


・Mt. Maya: This beautiful mountain is loved by locals as well as tourists. At the top of the mountain, there are spots where you can experience various outdoor activities, making it an indispensable area for locals to feel nature.
・Kikuseidai (Observatory deck): This observatory deck offers one of the most panoramic views in Japan. The view opens out to the sea, and you can see from Osaka in the east to Akashi Kaikyo in the west. The view is so spectacular!
・Maya Tenjoji Temple: Established in 646, this ancient temple is a power spot in Kobe. It is the only temple in Japan to have the birth mother of Buddha as its main deity, and you can quietly gaze at the extremely colorful statues of Buddha. The view from the stage in the sky is also beautiful and is a hidden spot in Kobe.
・Mt. Rokko (Rokkosan Tenrandai): Mt. Rokko is a mountain that is loved by citizens and tourists alike for its proximity to the city of Kobe and the fact that it is an easy way to experience nature.
Its history has been marked by the development of the mountain by human hands, and while overcoming various calamities, it has become one of the representative tourist spots of Kobe today.
Let's take a lunch break with a spectacular view at the cafe in Rokkosan Tenrandai!
・Rokko International Musical Box Museum: This is a museum where music boxes and other automatic musical instruments are displayed. There are mini-concerts in the museum, and you can learn about the history and mechanism of music boxes from various perspectives. You can also fully enjoy the beautiful sound of the music box, which is sure to satisfy your curiosity.
・Rokko Garden Terrace: Located 890 meters above sea level, the viewing terrace "Lookout Terrace" offers a spectacular view of Kobe City and Osaka Bay. You can also enjoy shopping at various stores selling everything from Kobe souvenirs to fashionable accessories The British-style building is another attraction.
・Rokko-Shidare Observatory: This is an observation deck with an impressive hexagonal shape that was created in the image of a weeping tree. Not only the view from the observatory but also the observatory itself is worth seeing as a piece of modern art. It's worth a look for its photo-worthy appearance no matter where you look at it!


・Some of the spot will be skipped or changed in case of rain on the tour date.
・Please note that you can not use a credit card at each spot, so bring your cash on the tour date.

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Expenses Not Included

The travel expense is not included in the tour fee. Please bring extra money to experience this tour to its fullest.
(Entrance fees, transportation fees, activity fees, etc. - at least about JPY5,900 /person)

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JR Sannomiya Station central gate, in front of Ticket Office

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