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Tokushima | 5.5h
A Town Walk Where You can Feel the Nature of Tokushima!

Let's feel the rich nature created by the river and the people

The Yoshino River is the largest river in Shikoku, running east to west through Tokushima Prefecture. Since ancient times, it has served as a transportation network for people and goods, and has formed a traditional culture centred on indigo dyeing and Japanese paper making. 
Its stream has a reputation of being the clearest in Japan because of the wonderful scenery that changes with each watershed. 
On this tour, you will visit two cities along the Yoshino River, Yoshinogawa City and Mima City, and enjoy the highlights of the Yoshino River in a single day. 
At the Awa Washi Traditional Industry Hall, you can learn about the intricacies of washi paper making, a method with over 1300 years of history, and try your hand at it too. 
The "Udatsu Old Street" in Wakamachi is lined with more than 80 traditional buildings, which will surely make you feel as if you have slipped back in time to old Japan. This is a great place to take notice of the unique and rare roof decorations. 
In addition, you will also visit other places where we can enjoy the charm of the Yoshino River, such as a gorgeous house that thrived on indigo dyeing, and a low-water bridge from where we can see the crystal clear surface of the Yoshino River. 
Go on a journey to see a side of Japan that you never knew existed.


・Make your own original postcard with traditional Japanese paper.
・Enjoy the feeling of going back in time on streets lined with traditional architecture.
・You can purchase indigo-dyed products, a traditional local craft.
・From this small bridge, you can see the crystal clear water of the Yoshino River up close.


・Awa Washi Traditional Industry Hall: A facility where you can learn about the history of Awa Washi, a traditional craft in Tokushima, and experience the manufacturing process. At the postcard printing workshop, you can make your own washi postcard. A store attached to the museum sells modern washi products to use in everyday life. 
・Wakimachi Theatre Odeon: This theatre is over 80 years old and has a unique exterior. In contrast to the Western-style exterior, the inside of the theatre is built in a traditional Japanese style, making it a valuable building where you can feel the architectural culture of the time, a blend of Japanese and Western styles. Here, the stage sets for Kabuki still remain intact, giving you also a sense of the history of Japanese entertainment culture.
・Wakimachi Udatsu Townscape: An area lined with over 80 traditional houses, giving a nostalgic feeling as if you have slipped back in time to old Japan. The gorgeous decorations on the roofs of each house are also worth seeing.
・Yoshida Family Residence: One of the most gorgeous houses in the old town. Here, you will get a real sense of how this town prospered through indigo dyeing. You can also buy various indigo-dyed products such as clothes and wallets at the store attached to the museum. 
・Wakimachi Submerged Bridge (Wakimachi Bridge): A small low bridge over the Yoshino River, built without parapets, allowing you to see the Yoshino River up close. This is a very perfect spot to take pictures of the spectacular scenery that only the rural areas can offer.


・In the event of inclement weather on the day of the tour, the means of transportation, destinations, and routes may be changed.
・Please note that if any locations are temporarily closed, the tour contents may be changed to a different location.
・This tour features long walking distances, so we recommend that you wear comfortable footwear.

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The travel expense is not included in the tour fee. Please bring extra money to experience this tour to its fullest.
(Entrance fees, transportation fees, activity fees, etc. - at least about JPY4,200 /person)

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