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[Only Apr-Nov] Visit an Art Island Teshima Cycling Tour

Visit an island with cutting-edge contemporary art and rich in nature

Teshima, located in the calm Seto Inland Sea, is an island full of charm stemming from the concept of "food and art". 
In the past, agriculture and rice cultivation flourished on the island, taking advantage of the abundant resources of water. The slopes overlooking the sea are covered with lush, terraced rice paddies, and the rice, vegetables, and fruits grown here are island delicacies. 
What has made Teshima famous in recent years are the many artworks present on the island. The Setouchi International Art Festival, one of the largest contemporary art festivals in Japan, has made Teshima an island that attracts attention not only from within Japan but also the world-wide. 
Our tour will take you on a cycling journey through the natural beauty of Teshima, where you will visit some of the most creative and sophisticated spots for food and art. 
Take a break from the hustle and bustle, and go on an idyllic island trip! 
A surprising and moving experience that will awaken your dormant senses awaits you!


・Enjoy island cycling through the rich nature of Teshima.
・You can see a spectacular view of the Seto Inland Sea and the terraced rice fields of Teshima.
・You can experience the slow flow of time at the popular Teshima Art Museum.
・Visit numerous contemporary artworks spread across the island.
・Savour a local lunch made with fresh ingredients from the island.
・You can eat delicious, artistic sweets that are also visually pleasing.
・You can buy souvenirs that can only be bought in Teshima.
・You can also enjoy the artworks around Takamatsu Port.


・Takamatsu Port (ticket office for high-speed boats to Teshima): A red brick building in Takamatsu Port with a ticket office and waiting room. Buy a ticket for the high-speed boat to Teshima here, and enjoy a 35-minute boat ride to Ieura Port, the gateway to Teshima.
・Akeda Oil (bicycle rental port): This is one of the many bike rental ports on Teshima Island. Rent an electric bicycle here and start cycling on Teshima right away.
・Tanada Viewpoint: The most spectacular view point on the island. The lush, green terraced rice paddies are often bathed in the warm orange sun and the contrast between the lush green from the rice paddies and the bright blue from the sea below resembles a work of art woven by nature. With this breathtaking view in the background, it is the ideal place to take a great picture.
・Teshima Art Museum: This museum itself is Teshima's representative work of art, combining nature, art, and architecture. The museum exhibits a unique artwork, titled "Mother Shape," which is integrated in the architecture of the building. The unique exterior, with its water droplets motifs, and the structure designed to let in the surrounding wind, sound, and light, creates a mysterious space.
・Les Archives du Cœur: A small museum built along the coast of Teshima, where recordings of people's heartbeats collected from around the world can be heard and are permanently stored here. If you wish, you can also record your own heartbeat here and have it become part of the work.
・Shima Kitchen: A popular restaurant in Teshima, built from an abandoned house. The restaurant itself became a work of art at the Setouchi International Art Festival. Here, you can enjoy creative lunches made using the island's local ingredients and prepared by the island's women, affectionately known as "Teshima Mothers".
・Storm House: A former residential house where visitors can experience the 10 minutes between the arrival and the passing of a storm. The installation work uses sound, vibration, and colour to express intense rain and lightning. The changes that come one after another in the room bring the viewer into an extraordinary space.
・Teshima Yokoo-kan: Exhibiting works created by the artist on the theme of "life and death", this exhibition space, created by renovating an old private house, consists of a main house, a storehouse, and a barn, and takes advantage of the layout of the original building. Red coloured glass is used in various parts of the building, and the light coming through seems to alter the way the works are seen.
・Strawberry House: This is a strawberry specialty store belonging to a local strawberry farmer. The original sweets made with plenty of fresh strawberries are not only delicious but also unique in appearance, making them "food art". It is recommended to order different kinds of sweets for a group and share them with each other.
・Ieura Port: From here you will take a ferry back to Takamatsu Port. While waiting for the boat, check out the market for some Teshima souvenirs!
・Liminal Air -core-: Two colourful poles that tower over the seashore of Takamatsu Port. Originally a part of the Setouchi International Art Festival, this is now one of the most famous views in Takamatsu. Take your time to appreciate this mysterious work of art and its atmosphere that changes slightly depending on the angle you look at it from and the time of day. 


・In the event of inclement weather on the day of the tour, the means of transportation, destinations, and routes may be changed.
・If you miss the meet up time due to the transportation system used, we may not be able to provide you with the expected tour experience. Please be careful not to be late.
・This is a cycling tour around the island. Please note that children who cannot yet ride bicycles and wheelchair users cannot participate in this tour. We apologise for the inconvenience.
・Please wear appropriate clothing and shoes for cycling.
・Please note that if any locations are temporarily closed, the tour contents may be changed to a different location.
・Please note that there will not be any explanation while viewing the artworks so as not to inconvenience the other visitors. We appreciate your understanding.
・When viewing the artworks, we kindly request you to be quiet and do not disturb other visitors.

Safety Measures

Expenses Not Included

The travel expense is not included in the tour fee. Please bring extra money to experience this tour to its fullest.
(Entrance fees, transportation fees, activity fees, etc. - at least about JPY9,400 /person)

Meeting Point

Takamatsu Port in front of the ticket office waiting room for the high-speed boat to Shodoshima, Naoshima, and Teshima

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