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Tokyo | 5.0h
Explore the Hidden but Famous Sites of Kameido's Old Town.

Walk the local streets in Kameido, guided by the towering Skytree.

There are many hidden and little known locations in Kameido. In this tour you will be taken around some of these spots to visit several Gods, such as the Gods of sport, water and scholarship. One of the highlights of this tour is the view you will see from Kameido Ten Jinja Shrine, of its vibrant red bridge with Japan's tallest building, the Skytree, in the background. If you are up for a walk, the walk towards the Skystree is a good one. The view of the towering skytree drawing closer and closer is fantastic, but there do not seem to be many tours that take tourists on this walk. Come and experience this unusual tour with otomo!


・Offer prayers at shrines and receive luck from the famous gods of Japan, in sport and scholarship.
・Kameido Ten Jinja Shrine offers a great shot of its bright red bridge and the tallest building in Tokyo, the Skytree, in the background.
・Enjoy a leisurely walk towards the Skytree.


・Kameido 5-Chome Chuodori Shotengai: "Cheap! Tasty! Fun!" is the concept of the long shopping district almost 660m long. It is filled with many long-time established shops and is highly popular with the locals. What do Japanese people eat daily? What do they buy daily? Take a glimpse of a Japanese life!
・Kameido Umeyashiki: An antenna shop where you can enjoy the charm of Kameido culture and history. You can see traditional Japanese culture, such as Ukiyo-e and Edo Kiriko. Be even more excited as Kameido has delicious specialities from all over Japan. Why don't you try some Japanese sweets, such as Omanjyu (steamed bun) or Youkan (Bean paste jelly)
・Kandori Jinjya: A shrine with a history of over 1000 years. It is famous as a God for success in sport. It is one of the power spots in Tokyo to achieve victory. Of course it is also for passing exams, achieving your goals, and overcoming sickness etc. Come on! Let's go and get some good luck!
・Kameidoten Jinjya: A shrine known as a God for learning. The contrast between the red bridge and the pond is so beautiful that this beauty is drawn on Ukiyo-e. One of the highlights of this shrine is that you can see Tokyo Sky Tree. Take a photo of Tokyo Sky Tree with the shrine in the background! This will surely be a photo you want to share with everyone.
・Funabashi-ya Kameido Tenjinmae Honten: This is already the middle of the tour, let's take a break. Your otomo guide will take you to an established Japanese sweet shop from over 200 years ago. We recommend the Kuzumochi which has been carefully made over 200 years of tradition. Let's see what is tastes like!
・Ryugenji (Hagidera): A temple that grants good luck, business prosperity and business success. It is well known as Hagidera by the locals as there are over 100 permisson trees planted on the shrine grounds. Inside the temple you can see one of Kameido's seven gods of good fortune, Hoteison, and a beautiful Japanese garden.
・Koto tensojin-sha: One of the seven gods of Kameido, Fukurokuju is enshrined granting good fortune. It is also famous as a shrine for healing sickness. Inside the shrine you can see 46 cute children, Ojizosama. You can feel as sense of relaxation just by looking at them.
・Tokyo Skytree (outside): One of the most popular spots representing Tokyo. It is the world's tallest radio tower. As you walk towards the Sky Tree up in the blue sky, it feels as though its approaching you. The Sky Tree seems so far away, but as you take photos approaching the Sky Tree, you'll reach the bottom in no time!


・Please come in comfortable clothing, as this tour involves a lot of walking.
・The tour begins and ends in different locations. If you would like to change the location of where the tour ends, please consult with your tour guide.
・We have not included any particular lunch/dinner places in this tour, but you are welcome to stop for a break and eat whenever and wherever you like.
・Kameido Umeyashiki is closed on Mondays (if the Monday is a public holiday, it will also be closed on Tuesday), so if you are interested in visiting this location, please book on another day.

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Outside the ticket gate at the North Exit of the JR line, Kameido Station

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